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Placing a bet online at Betphoenix.ag has never been easier. Moneylines, Spreads, Over/Unders, Features, and Props get a lot of action at NBA betting lines online. There are lots of fun and creative ways to bet on the NBA, and here we show you how. Get started by registering now!

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The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a professional basketball league. It is the top professional league for men's basketball in the globe and one of the most important professional sports leagues in both nations.

The league has 30 teams, 29 from the United States and 1 from Canada, divided into two conferences, each with three divisions with five teams. Each team plays 82 games during the NBA's regular season, which runs from October through April.

Before the regular season ends in April, the NBA takes a short break in February for the 72nd edition of the All-Star Game in Salt Lake City, Utah. The fun part comes after that with the NBA Playoffs and the NBA Finals.

The NBA is divided into two conferences and has 30 teams.

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

  • Boston Celtics
  • Brooklyn Nets
  • New York Knicks 
  • Philadelphia 76ers 
  • Toronto Raptors 

Central Division

  • Chicago Bulls 
  • Cleveland Cavaliers 
  • Detroit Pistons 
  • Indiana Pacers 
  • Milwaukee Bucks 

Southeast Division

  • Atlanta Hawks 
  • Charlotte Hornets 
  • Miami Heat 
  • Orlando Magic 
  • Washington Wizards 

Western Conference 

Northwest Division

  • Denver Nuggets 
  • Minnesota Timberwolves 
  • Oklahoma City Thunder 
  • Portland Trail Blazers 
  • Utah Jazz 

Pacific Division

  • Golden State Warriors 
  • Los Angeles Clippers 
  • Los Angeles Lakers 
  • Phoenix Suns 
  • Sacramento Kings 

Southwest Division

  • Dallas Mavericks 
  • Houston Rockets 
  • Memphis Grizzlies 
  • New Orleans Pelicans 
  • San Antonio Spurs 

How to Bet on the NBA

We present this tutorial to those who have never placed a wager on an NBA game. This article will cover the NBA betting odds, what they signify, and how to use them. Discover the most common NBA betting lines categories and a few niche bets to add some variety.

Profitable and satisfying NBA betting is possible with some preparation. 

However, before we get ahead of ourselves, it is essential to go through the fundamentals of NBA betting odds.

Among sports leagues, the NBA has remained a betting favorite. 

Money wagered on NBA games is second only to the NFL in the United States.

Depending on the quality of the teams and the stakes of the game, there may be a lot of scoring opportunities in a single game. The NBA Finals, as one might expect, draw the most eyeballs and wagers of the entire NBA season.

Understanding NBA odds, the most typical wagers, key phrases, and more are all discussed. Just read it over, and success will be well within your grasp.

Follow this how-to guide to stay on top of your NBA betting game. 

Understanding the NBA Odds

We must first go through how to read the NBA odds before getting into the essentials of NBA bet types.

How would you know what you were genuinely betting on without this? Fortunately, understanding the NBA odds is simple and generally the same across all sports. This section will concentrate on the American (also known as Moneyline) odds format.

Starting with a simple example of an NBA Moneylines for a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat. The head-to-head odds for this game could look like this:

Miami Heat +120

Los Angeles Lakers -150

Here, you should pay attention to both the numbers themselves and the (+) or (-) indication that appears next to them. In this style, the probabilities of a team winning are indicated by a minus (-) symbol.

On the other hand, a plus (+) sign is present for underdog odds. We can clearly see that the Lakers are the favorites while the Heat is the underdog in the game we used as an example above.

What about the numbers that come after these +/- symbols, though? The figure displayed for favorites represents the amount of money you must wager to win $100. So, to win $100 back, you would have to wager $150 on the Lakers.

Underdog NBA Moneylines odds, on the other hand, read differently. The figure represents the winnings based on a $100 wager. Thus, $100 would have won $120 on a bet on the Heat. Both times, winning bets receive their original stake back in addition to the winnings.

As one might anticipate, as the likelihood of the favorite winning increases, so does the difference in odds between favorites and underdogs. This is known as a pick 'em, and it is assumed that each team has an equal probability of winning if both teams have odds of +100.

As you start your sports betting journey, you will probably come across two more common odds forms. Decimal odds (also known as "European odds") and fractional odds (also known as "British" odds). The same game as above is presented here with fractional odds:

Los Angeles Lakers 4/6

Miami Heat 6/5

Despite the fact that most people dislike fractions, if you get the hang of this style, it's simple to understand. A bet on a selection with 5/1 betting odds will pay out $5 for each wager made in addition to the first bet.

Therefore, in the example above, the Lakers would return $4 for every $6 staked as the favorite. On the other side, the underdog Heat pays out $6 for every $5 bet.

Let's review the previous example with decimal odds once again.

Los Angeles Lakers 1.67

Miami Heat 2.20

In most countries other than the United States and Great Britain, decimal odds are the norm and worth learning about. The decimal odds integer represents the dollar amount you would win from a $1 stake. It's crucial to remember that decimal odds combine the payoff and initial wager in one amount, unlike the other two formats.

A $1 wager on the Lakers would therefore return $1.67. This makes figuring out the overall payoff much simpler than the other formats.

Let's continue exploring the NBA odds now that we are pros at doing so. Below is a summary of the most popular NBA wagers that Betphoenix.ag offers.

NBA Moneylines

We'll start with the most straightforward bet type, which is used in the NBA and most other major sports across the world. The Moneyline (ML) wager, sometimes referred to as straight-up or outright betting, only demands that gamblers select the winning team.

Therefore, it is the perfect alternative for beginners who wish to test the waters. For this section, we can use the same made-up game as before.

Los Angeles Lakers -150

Miami Heat +120

These odds reveal a few things to us. The NBA home team is always ranked second on the odds board at Betphoenix.ag, to start. We are aware that Miami is the location of this game.

The Lakers are substantial road favorites at -150, which is another insight we get from these odds. Considering that the Lakers are predicted to glide to an easy victory, you must risk an extra $50 on the Lakers to cash your $100.

But if you bet on Miami, you may win $20 in addition to your $100 initial investment if the Heat pulls off an unexpected victory.

NBA Point Spreads

Although straight-up wagering might be the most straightforward to understand, NBA point spread wagers are the most common. You've definitely heard the phrase "betting against the spread" (ATS), but you might not fully understand what it means.

A point spread's purpose is to enable bookmakers to level the playing field in every game, regardless of how poorly teams are matched. This is useful for games where the spread is so large that betting on either side of the Moneyline is not profitable.

Continuing with the previous Los Angeles Lakers vs. Miami Heat spread example, it would appear as follows:

Los Angeles Lakers -5½ (+105)

Miami Heat +5½ (-125)

There is always a favorite and an underdog in the NBA point spread, even in ML pick 'em games. The Lakers are the clear favorites in this game, with a spread of -5½ (+105) points that pays out at +105.

A handicap for the favorite, the spread at -5½, enables bookmakers to provide manageable odds for each game. Sportsbooks use half points to guarantee that a game doesn't conclude in a tie or "push."

With a spread of -5½, the Lakers would need to defeat their opponent by a margin of at least six in order to cover. On the other hand, the Heat can lose and still make money, but only by a maximum of five points. 

So, if the Lakers win by six points or more, a $100 wager on the LA team would return $105. Players would need to stake $125 on the Heat at -125 and lose by five o fewer points to receive a $100 reward.

NBA Parlays

The beauty of NBA Parlays is that you may wager little and win big. Be aware; they're more difficult to win than a typical single wager, but if your NBA parlays betting predictions win, you can expect a considerably greater payout from a relatively small investment.

In the NBA, a "parlay" is a wager in which the odds on multiple individual bets are combined to form a single payout. You may also hear these referred to as accumulators, multiples, multi-bet, or all-up bets.

A Parlay automatically loses if one or more of its legs fails/loses. 

Although parlay wagering carries a lot more risk than Moneyline or straight-up wagering, the payouts are substantially higher (and the ride is generally pretty exciting).

The following illustrates a classic NBA Las Vegas odds parlay card, which displays the typical payouts for a parlay bet involving up to 10 teams based on 110 prices (the amount won is predicated on a bet of $100).

NumberOddsAmount WonPayout
2 Team Parlay2.6 to 1$260$360
3 Team Parlay6 to 1$600$700
4 Team Parlay11 to 1$1,100$1,200
5 Team Parlay22 to 1$2,200$2,300
6 Team Parlay45 to 1$4,500$4,600
7 Team Parlay90 to 1$9,000$9,100
8 Team Parlay180 to 1$18,000$18,100
9 Team Parlay360 to 1$36,000$36,100
10 Team Parlay720 to 1$72,000$72,100

NBA Teasers

We come to the NBA Teasers as we continue going through the various wagers types offered on the NBA betting lines menu. The NBA Teasers have become an increasingly popular type of wager among the betting public. In section, we will explain what teasers are and go over the various ways you may include them in your betting strategy.

This bet type is s single wager that includes more than one game. You have to choose at least two teams, and all of them have to cover the spread number for you to be a winner. In that respect, it is very similar to a parlay. On the other hand, in contrast to a parlay, you will receive additional points, which will allow you to shift the line or point spread in your favor. In exchange, you will receive less favorable odds than those you would earn if you successfully win a parlay.

Making teasers involves looking at the games and noting any point spreads or totals. Then, choose the teams and games you want to be a part of. This is the number of teams that will be taking part in your Teaser. Then, you choose the type of brain teaser you want to play. The most common choices are the 4, 4.5, and 5-point versions. The standard point distribution means that number of points will be added to your total. For example, you want to play these three teams:

Lakers -9

Heat +3.5

Celtics -4.5

If you played a teaser bet with three teams and four points, the odds would shift by four points in your favor for each of the teams you selected. In that case, the new lines would look somewhat like this:

Lakers -5

Heat +7.5

Celtics -0.5

The point spread improved by four points in your favor on each game chosen for your Teaser. If you were to win, you would get 9-5, which means you would win $180 for every $100 you bet. Even if you get a break on the spread, you still need to win and cover all of the games for your Teaser to be lucrative. If you only hit two out of three targets, it's the same as if you missed all three. Another disadvantage is that you have to pay extra for bonus points.

The payouts for the 4, 4.5, and 5-point teaser are as follows.

4 Point Teasers4.5-Point Teasers5-Team Teasers
2-Team: 1-12-Team: 10-112-Team: 5-6
3-Team: 9-53-Team: 8-53-Team: 3-2
4-Team: 3-14-Team: 5-24-Team: 2-1
5-Team: 5-15-Team: 4-15-Team: 7-2
6-Team: 7-16-Team: 6-16-Team: 5-1
7-Team: 10-17-Team: 9-17-Team: 8-1
8-Team: 15-18-Team: 12-18-Team: 10-1
9-Team: 20-19-Team: 15-19-Team: 12-1
10-Team: 25-110-Team: 20-110-Team: 15-1

When compared to parlays, these amounts appear to be very insignificant. When betting on 5-point teasers, you must correctly pick 8 teams to win 10-1 odds, whereas a parlay requires picking 4 teams to win the same odds. There are easier ways to get odds of 10-1 than hitting an 8-team teaser, which is very hard.

NBA Totals, Over/Under Odds

When placing a wager on the NBA game total, it makes no difference which team wins or loses. The only thing that matters is the total points both teams score.

NBA totals betting is sometimes referred to as Over/Under (O/U) betting. This is because you have to wager on whether the total will exceed or fall short of the oddsmakers' predetermined threshold. This NBA Over/Under odds format would have odds that would resemble these:

Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers Over/Under 205½ (-115o/-105u)

This indicates that the oddsmakers have set the NBA totals odds for this game as 205½ points, with odds juiced favoring the Over.

As a result, the Over is favored to win at -115 as opposed to the Under, which is favored to win at -105. For both teams, the odds on the totals are often around -110.

If you bet on the Over in this game, the Lakers and Heat would have to score at least 206 points together. Anything less than that would result in a triumph for underdogs the Under.

Betphoenix.ag also lets you bet on the total points scored by each NBA team. These wagers are the same as O/U wagers but Feature only one team.

NBA Futures Odds

Futures are frequently seen as a kind of prop bet, also known as "season-long" props. Unlike other prop bets, futures allow gamblers to place wagers on outcomes that will occur months in the future.

These results may include NBA futures odds like the team that wins the Eastern or Western Conference, the MVP, Rookie of the Year, or the Coach of the Year.

The most common type of NBA futures betting is on who will win the NBA Finals in the end. But there are a lot more opportunities to take advantage of over the entire season than just who wins the title in 2023.

Here are some examples of popular NBA Feature props:

  • Regular season MVP
  • Rookie of the Year
  • Most Improved Player
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Sixth Man of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Points leader
  • Assists leader
  • Rebounds leader

The odds on these types of bets will change throughout the season and warrant close monitoring. If you like an individual player to win a specific award or carry a statistical category, then it is worth checking in frequently to see where the odds are.

NBA Finals Odds

The Golden State Warriors have won the Larry O'Brien Trophy in four of the last eight NBA seasons. Last year, NBA futures bettors who got in during the preseason could cash in on the Warriors at odds of 11-1, while those who bet on the Lakers at odds of +425 lost when the Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs in April. But now is a great time to find value because a new season has begun.

The Bucks, Celtics, Warriors, and Clippers lead the 2023 NBA Finals Odds to win the Championship according to the latest Betphoenix.ag odds for the 2022-23 season. But you can also bet on who will win each NBA division, how many wins each team will have, which teams will make the NBA playoffs in 2023, and a lot more here at Betphoenix.ag

Have a look at the initial NBA Championship Odds for this campaign down below, please keep in mind odds may change without any notification, make sure to login to your account to check the latest odds.

  1. Milwaukee Bucks 450
  2. Boston Celtics 500
  3. Golden State Warriors 650
  4. Los Angeles Clippers 650
  5. Phoenix Suns 925
  6. Denver Nuggets 950
  7. Philadelphia 76ers 1100
  8. Brooklyn Nets 1300
  9. Dallas Mavericks 1750
  10. Memphis Grizzlies 1750
  11. Miami Heat 1750
  12. New Orleans Pelicans 2000
  13. Cleveland Cavaliers 2350
  14. Minnesota Timberwolves 2800
  15. Atlanta Hawks 3200
  16. Los Angeles Lakers 4500
  17. Toronto Raptors 4500
  18. Chicago Bulls 5500
  19. Portland Trail Blazers 6000
  20. New York Knicks 8000
  21. Charlotte Hornets 10000
  22. Sacramento Kings 20000
  23. San Antonio Spurs 20000
  24. Utah Jazz 20000
  25. Washington Wizards 20000
  26. Detroit Pistons 35000
  27. Houston Rockets 45000
  28. Indiana Pacers 45000
  29. Oklahoma City Thunder 45000
  30. Orlando Magic 45000


The NBA Most Valuable Player award is considered a pinnacle of sporting success. One player can dominate every possession and potentially determine a team's fate in professional basketball, a sport filled with superstar talent.

Preseason NBA MVP odds list Dallas Mavericks guard Luka Doncic as a +400 favorite for the 2022–23 season. The next best odds to win NBA MVP are on Giannis Antetokounmpo (+600) and Joel Embiid (+650), with Jayson Tatum and Ja Morant tied at +750.

Have a look at the NBA MVP odds for this upcoming campaign down below, please keep in mind odds may change without any notification, make sure to login to your account to check the latest odds.

  1. Luka Doncic +400
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo +600
  3. Joel Embiid +650
  4. Jayson Tatum +750
  5. Ja Morant +750
  6. Kevin Durant +1200
  7. Nikola Jokic +1200
  8. Steph Curry +1600
  9. Zion Williamson +1600
  10. Kawhi Leonard +2000
  11. LeBron James +2500
  12. Damian Lillard +2500
  13. Devin Booker +3300
  14. Anthony Davis +4000
  15. Trae Young +5000
  16. Jimmy Butler +5000
  17. Karl-Anthony Towns +5000
  18. Donovan Mitchell +5000
  19. Anthony Edwards +5000
  20. James Harden +5000
  21. Paul George +6000
  22. DeMar DeRozan +8000
  23. Bradley Beal +8000
  24. LaMelo Ball +8000
  25. Chris Paul +8000

NBA Prop Bets

Betphoenix.ag provides a wide selection of NBA prop bets (proposition) bets for each NBA game during the regular season. The more props there are to explore, the greater the game is.

In the NBA, like most popular sports, player props and team props are the two main categories of props. As their names imply, the former emphasizes a player's individual performance, whereas the latter groups the entire team together.

Returning to the Lakers vs. Heat game, assume LeBron James has a scoring total of 28 ½ points (-115o/-105u) for the game. This indicates that for LeBron to go Over this number, the superstar would need to score 29 points against Miami. Any less would fail short of that odds.

NBA prop bets don't just include points; you can also get odds on stats like rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and other metrics. You can also wager on who you think will win a particular matchup between two players using "head-to-head props." 

Here at Betphoenix.ag, there are a ton of possibilities to check out every day. So constantly check back to find the best value plays. 

Jump over into NBA props. Here are a few examples of popular NBA props:

  • Point totals (i.e., Jayson Tatum to score more than 17.5 points)
  • Assists
  • Rebounds
  • Steals
  • Blocks
  • Double-double odds
  • Triple-double odds
  • Combo bets (points plus assist, points plus rebounds, etc.)

NBA First Half Odds

If betting on the whole NBA is too much for you or if you have a good idea of how the game will be going into halftime, betting on the NBA First Half Odds could be a good choice.

Most sports bettors focus on the full game lines when they bet on the NBA, but the first half lines could be a great deal for a smart bettor. Your basic lines and totals are only set for the first half of the game, and the bets will be decided after 24 minutes of play instead of 48

If the NBA First Half Odds spread is Lakers -2 and Heat +2, and you bet on the Lakers, you need them to be ahead by 3 points at halftime. If the Lakers cover the bet and are ahead by 3 or more points at the end of the first half, you can cash that ticket.

Here's how an NBA First Half Odds it would read:

1H Lakers -2 (-110)

1H Heat +2 (-110)

NBA Second Half Odds

When you bet on the NBA second half odds, you can use all the usual bet types, such as the against the spread, Moneyline, and over/under, but you are only betting on the second half. It's almost like the score starts over at halftime and the second half is an entirely different game.

You can put your money to good use by betting on the NBA second half. 

There are a few reasons why betting on the second half of an NBA game is a good idea.

Oddsmakers have a limited time to set the new lines for the second half of a game, just like the NFL. Additionally, the oddsmakers must consider the public impression as they establish their lines. If a heavily favored team loses at halftime, most people will expect the team to come back and win. As a result, most bets will be on the favorite, so oddsmakers must adjust their NBA second-half point spreads to reflect that.

NBA Second Half Odds is your chance to find good deals. Professional bettors usually tend to bet against the crowd since those bets usually have better odds. A great time to do this is during halftime of an NBA game.

Use that information if you've been watching the game and see that the favorite isn't doing well. If you pay attention to all the details, like how tired the players are, if they are hurt, or just how hard they are trying, you will know more about how the second half will likely go.

If the NBA Second Half Odds spread is Lakers -5 and Heat +5, and you bet on the Heat, you need them to lose by no more than 5 points in the second half. If Miami wins the second half or loses under 5 points at the end of the second half, it will cover, and you can cash that ticket.

Here's how an NBA Second Half Odds would read:

2H Lakers -5 (-110)

2H Heat +5 (-110)

NBA Quarter Odds

NBA Quarter Odds is a simple bet on which basketball team you think will be ahead at the end of a quarter. You have two options for betting on the quarter at Betphoenix.ag: spread and total points. Bets on quarters are the same as bets on the whole game.

Consider, for instance, a matchup between the Lakers and the Miami Heat. You can wager on which team will lead at the end of the third quarter. If your wager wins, you will get paid according to the NBA odds.

Here's how an NBA Quarter Odds would read:

3Q Lakers -3.5

3Q Heat +3.5

NBA Season Win Totals

Are you looking to take things further and increase your long-term profits? Let's bet on how many regular-season games each NBA team will win.

Season win totals are one of the most well-liked markets for NBA gambling. Each team's projected win total is posted inBetphoenix.ag, and you can wager on whether or not you think that team will reach that total.

Like in any betting market, several factors, such as offseason roster movement, coaching changes, and injuries, will be considered when formulating win total wagers. 

The Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Phoenix Suns are the seven teams predicted to win 50 or more games this season.

The Celtics are currently 54.5 games ahead of the rest of the field and are heavy favorites to win the 2023 NBA Finals and Championship despite their disappointing performance in the 2022 Finals.

Below is a list of all NBA Season Win Totals odds for the regular 2022/23 season, please keep in mind odds may change without any notification, make sure to login to your account to check the latest odds.:

  1. Atlanta Hawks: 45.5 games
  2. Boston Celtics: 54.5 games
  3. Brooklyn Nets: 29.5 games
  4. Charlotte Hornets: 36.5 games
  5. Chicago Bulls: 42.5 games
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers: 47.5 games
  7. Dallas Mavericks: 48.5 games
  8. Denver Nuggets: 51.5 games
  9. Detroit Pistons: 29.5 games
  10. Golden State Warriors: 52.5 games
  11. Houston Rockets: 23.5 games
  12. Indiana Pacers: 23.5 games
  13. Los Angeles Clippers: 52.5 games
  14. Los Angeles Lakers: 44.5 games
  15. Memphis Grizzlies: 49.5 games
  16. Miami Heat: 49.5 games
  17. Milwaukee Bucks: 52.5 games
  18. Minnesota Timberwolves: 48.5 games
  19. New Orleans Pelicans: 44.5 games
  20. New York Knicks: 28.5 games
  21. Oklahoma City Thunder: 23.5 games
  22. Orlando Magic: 26.5 games
  23. Philadelphia 76ers: 51.5 games
  24. Phoenix Suns: 52.5 games
  25. Portland Trail Blazers: 39.5 games
  26. Sacramento Kings: 34.5 games
  27. San Antonio Spurs: 24.5 games
  28. Toronto Raptors: 47.5 games
  29. Utah Jazz: 24.5 games
  30. Washington Wizards: 35.5 games

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