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Boxing Odds & Lines

What do you look for when you get involved in wagering on boxing vegas lines at BetPhoenix? The boxing betting lines are based on a money line, similar to how the baseball and hockey spreads are set up. There is also an over/under bet on the total number of rounds that the fight will go. There may also be props on how the fight will end meaning by knockout or decision.

No Live Lines available to print in this moment.

The good news for gamblers looking at vegas boxing odds is that information is plentiful. There are plenty of excellent boxing websites and it seems there is a preview of all of the fights. Boxing is still very much a sport that gets a bad rap with trash talk and unfortunately the judging is oftentimes not that good. But don’t automatically discount boxing betting lines as a money making opportunity. For gamblers with the ability to keep focused and do the proper research it is possible to find an edge when betting on boxing at BetPhoenix whether it is with the money lines on the two fighters, the rounds option or the props. Even though boxing is not what it once was, there still are boxing odds available at BetPhoenix and you still can make money.

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