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2020 NHL Odds, Hockey Live Betting Lines


Playing hockey lines successfully requires the ability to assess value and lack thereof of each team in a matchup as well as the value of over / under totals that are set.  It is also important to be able to judge the true merits and abilities of a hockey team and not buy into the public perception, whether it is good or bad.

Side Plays

You can take a team with a baseball-style money line in which you lay odds with the favorite or take odds with the dog. There is also the puck line in which you can lay -1.5 goals with the favorite at a lower cost than the regular money line or take +1.5 goals with the dog at a reduced price as well. The risk, of course, is that in today’s low scoring NHL you could get burned with a winning team that only wins the game by 1 goal as the favorite or not win as much money as you would with the money line if the underdog beats the NHL hockey lines with an upset win.

Over / Under Totals

In over / under NHL hockey lines you bet on whether or not the combined score between 2 teams in a game will go over or under the set number put out by the sportsbook.  Although today’s NHL is low scoring, the line makers are obviously aware of that and set their lines lower.  Lines are often so low that the over is a better value and play.

Hockey Betting Futures

You can wager on which team you think will win the Stanley Cup as well as over / under total futures on a team’s points or win totals for an entire season. This is a great way to have daily action on a team or season for the entire year, with just one bet. You can also change and make additional bets as the NHL hockey lines are adjusted daily on the futures board.