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Horse Racing Pick 4 Bets

This wager is very similar to the Pick 3, but the player must pick the winners of four consecutive races from a given track. In this type of wager the client will say the race that states the first leg of the Pick 4 and then the horses he wants on each leg separated by the word WITH. If you think that horses either #1, #5 and #7 will win the first leg of the Pick 4, let's say it starts in the race #N, and the next race will be won by horse #5 or #8, and in next race after this the winner will be horse #6,#9, #10 or #11 and the following race will be won by horse #1 or #2, the usual way to communicate this bet to the clerk is something like: “ I want a $1 Pick 4, Nth race: 1,5,7 with 5,8 with 6, 9 , 10 ,11 with 1 and 2”. The cost of this bet is the amount of horses chosen in each race multiplied by each other and then multiplied by the dollar amount of your bet. In this case: (3 x 2 x 4 x 2 x $1) = $48. You can bet any amount from $1 and up.