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NCAA College Football Odds and Live Lines

NCAA College Football Betting Odds and Live Lines

BetPhoenix offers the best NCAA college football betting odds. Here you’ll find all the NCAAF odds you need to enjoy the best college football betting action and never miss the excitement only the NCAA brings.

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If you are interested in college football odds, it is imperative to comprehend all aspects; NCAAF odds are essentially a method of leveling the playing field. In college football odds and NCAAF betting odds,

the field does need to be level due to the hundreds of mismatches that occur annually.

If you enjoy watching college football, you must know how different NCAA football is from its counterpart in the NFL (pro league). For those who wager on sports online, this also means that betting on college football odds has its peculiarities, which are crucial to comprehend and navigate. National Collegiate Athletic Association Football, also known as NCAAF, can be challenging to keep up with because it has more regular season and championship games than the NLF.

It may seem overwhelming, and we are aware of that because it sounds like a lot going on. Learning how to decipher the NCAAF betting odds and how the various bet types operate can be intimidating if you start with college football betting. However, once you comprehend how college football odds work, you can use them to decide where your money should go.

In BetPhoenix, we created this article to help you better understand all the available NCAAF College Football odds bet types, so while we provide you with all the information you need, you can sign up on our website, where you can enjoy the best NCAAF odds.

How to Bet on the NCAAF

In the NCAAF odds, many factors have to be explained as we get further in this article for you to gamble strategically; the three most important ways how to place a bet on college football are: the over/under (also known as "total," the point spread and lastly, the money line.

The topics previously mentioned can be found below, along with more factors the user should consider. Once the correct amount of information is gathered and put into practice, anyone has the chance and full potential to become a skilled wagerer.

NCAAF Point Spreads

In the NCAAF points spread, the number of points a team is predicted to win or lose in a particular game is known as the college football point spread and is determined by oddsmakers. This equalizes the playing field for the two participating teams.

Reading college football betting odds is similar to other sports. The NCAA football point spread favorite is always listed with a minus sign (-), and the underdog's odds are listed with a plus sign (+). Placing a point spread bet is a wager on the predicted spread determined by top sportsbooks.

Here's an example of the NCAAF Point Spreads to facilitate it for you; let's say that Tennessee's Volunteers are playing against Texas's Longhorns, and the odds look like this:

Point Spread

Volunteers -6.5 (-110)

Longhorns +6.5 (-110)

In this case, the point spread on the game is 6.5 points, which makes a reference to the number of points the Volunteers have to win by, or the maximum the Longhorns can lose by, for sports gamblers to be paid out. You'll recognize "-110" from the above American odds format; bettors on either side have to wager $110 to win $100.

But what would this mean for you?

If you bet $110 on the NCAAF Point Spreads of Tennessee's Volunteers, you would need them to win by at least seven points. In case they do, then you would be paid $100.

In another case scenario, where you support Texas's Longhorns, you have two possible outcomes:

  1. You need them to win the game outright.
  2. Lose by no more than the 6.5 points we showed before.

Putting a bet on the underdog is called "taking the points" because you would be getting the probability that your team wins and taking the cushion those points will provide you. Instead, betting on Tennessee is called "laying" the points because you would be effectively giving Texas 6.5 points before the game starts.

NCAAF Money Lines

Even though NCAAF Money Lines aren't one of the most popular ways to gamble, it's a perfect point for the new wagerers to start because it is the least complicated bet type to understand.

In NCAAF odds, you're basically asked to predict the winner of the game, simple like that; straight-up pick the team that it's going to win the bet. Each side must have different odds assigned to them, and you will get a bigger payout if you choose to support the team that's more unlikely to win and a smaller payout if you choose the team that is most likely to dominate the game.

The margin of the victory doesn't matter when placing a bet on the money line, and unlike betting on the total (over/under), the number of points scored doesn't matter either. Because, after all, it comes down to which team gets the "W."

We are going to facilitate NCAAF Money lines. Let's use the same teams we picked before and say that the Volunteers are playing against the Longhorns and that Tennessee's Volunteers are having an excellent year while Texas's Longhorns recently fired their head coach. Once you log in to your BetPhoenix account, you notice a "line" that looks something similar to this:


Volunteers -225

Longhorns +185

When looking at the American odds, positive numbers indicate how much you will profit when gambling $100. Negative numbers indicate how much you must risk to earn $100 in profit.

In our example, the +185 next to the Longhorns means that a successful bet of $100 will yield a $185 payout. While in the other hand, the -225 next to the Volunteers means you'd have to wager $225 to return a $100 profit. If you bet $100, your potential payout is $144.44.

NCAAF Parlays

The NCAAF Parlays are simple, the bigger payouts, the more significant risk. College football odds and parlays allow you to mix multiple types of bets to increase the potential payout. However, NCAAF parlays require all bettings to win for you to pay out. This means that even though you win all bets but one, the entire parlay is a loss.

There is the parlays payout table values, which you can see below:

Number Odds Amount won Payout.

2 Team Parlay 2.6 to 1 $260 $360

3 Team Parlay 6 to 1 $600 $700

4 Team Parlay 11 to 1 $1,100 $1,200

5 Team Parlay 22 to 1 $2,200 $2,300

6 Team Parlay 45 to 1 $4,500 $4,600

7 Team Parlay 90 to 1 $9,000 $9,100

8 Team Parlay 180 to 1 $18,000 $18,100

9 Team Parlay 360 to 1 $36,000 $36,100

10 Team Parlay 720 to 1 $72,000 $72,100

That being said, let's review the following 3 Team Parlay example: Pick number one will be the Over 70 in the Oklahoma vs. Clemson game, pick number two will take Ohio State +7.5, and the final and third pick will be on Georgia Bulldogs straight up to win against Notre Dame.

So it will look like this:

3-Team Parlay

Oklahoma/Clemson Over 70 Over -110

Ohio State Point Spread +7.5 (-110)

Georgia Moneyline -110

Stake: $100 Win: $600

NCAAF Teasers

NCAAF Teasers is another option available on NCAAF odds that involves an exchange of points for volume. The wagerer buys several points and, in return, must tease two or more sections.

Typically, the standard NCAAF teasers call for the bettor to get six points per football game and four points per basketball game. In exchange, the bettors are required to select at least two teams, which raises the likelihood that at least one leg of the wager will lose. For a teaser wager to qualify as a winner for the specified amount, all of the legs, like in a parlay wager, must triumph. Teasers frequently feature two teams up to Ten.

Here's an example: on The Tennessee Volunteers vs. Texas Longhorns

Volunteers -7.5 - 50.5 Ov -110

Longhorns +7.5 - 50.5 Un -110

If you like how the Volunteers look but don't trust the -7.5 points against the Longhorns, a teaser can allow you to get to a price you're comfortable with. In this instance, the -7.5 changes to -1.5 – remember, you're getting six points.

Let's review another example: Michigan vs. OSU: You may want to fade the Wolverines, but +1.5 doesn't excite you on the Ohio State Buckeyes side. Again, add six points to that, and you now have a more comfortable margin of +7.5.

New Odds:

  • Wolverines -1.5
  • Buckeyes +7.5

NCAAF Totals, Over/Under Odds

By NCAAF Over/Under odds, we mean an additional way to wager on college football games. The estimated total points scored by the two teams in a game are the totals.

In this scenario, let's say that the oddsmakers predict a combined total of seventy points to be scored in a game bet between Georgia and Alabama. Therebefore, a college football bettor would bet on the Over if they believed that the game would feature more than fifty-three points. And they would wager on the Under if they believed there would be fewer than the fifty-three points scored.

Total Odds

Over 53 -110

Under 53 -110

NCAAF Futures Odds

In the case of NCAAF futures odds, the distant future of college football is the subject of future wagers; these straight bets ask interested people to pick the result of a situation that will likely occur soon.

The two most popular college football future wagers by correctly choosing the National Champion and the Heisman Trophy Odds winner; futures are frequently posted before the season and accept wagers throughout the schedule, constantly adjusting the odds to results, injuries/trades, and betting activity until the futures market is decided.

If you secure your futures bet early enough, you might be in for a nice payout. For instance, if you wagered $100 on Georgia +1200 to win the NCAA Football National Championship, you could pocket $1,200. But keep in mind that your funds will be committed for the season, so consider that if you are planning your college football budget.

NCAAF National Championship Game Odds

Don't feel bummed if you're not ready to become emotionally invested in college football odds before fall. Early positions can be highly profitable but also be pure speculation. The leadings on the table and how it contrasts with the immediate post-championship odds from the previous year are two things that catch our attention.

The Bulldogs and Crimson Tide were co-favorites to win this past season's national championship last year after Georgia and Alabama's four-quarter masterpiece of a national championship game. It was reasonable. While Alabama had Bryce Young and Georgia was the current champion, the dynasty was still strong. Both teams would attract a lot of attention.

No significant numbers were reported this year. After claiming back-to-back championships, Georgia is the obvious (and logical) favorite. The Bulldogs were three hundred early in the market, which was a better price than what they were given last year, even though there was no co-favorite to lure large bets away from Georgia at the top of the market.

This suggests that the championship market for the following season will be more competitive than it was this year when it was widely believed that only three teams had the talent to win the championship from the start of the season.

Past the traditional, binary SEC powers, a bit further down the table may be worth exploring for bettors looking to enter the college football national championship odds market early. Interesting arguments could be made for USC, Penn State, LSU, and Michigan.

NCAAF Prop Bets

NCAAF college football prop bets in college football games mean that one specific player and one statistical category are the focus of NCAAF player prop bets. Bettors on college football typically wager on whether or by how much a particular player will reach a statistical milestone.

There are four primary types of Prop Bets, NCAAF team props, NCAAF game props, and NCAAF player props, for example:

When placing a wager on the NCAAF win totals, you predict whether a specific collegiate football program will outperform (go OVER) or fall short of (go UNDER) the predetermined number. If the Georgia Bulldogs have a total win for the season set on 11 wins, you could bet either if they will win more than 11 games or against if you think they will win less than 11 games.

Odds ("juice") are associated with every prop. Therefore, based on the scenario where Georgia Bulldogs may have +100 odds to go over 11 wins along the season, while Under 11 season wins is the favorite showing -115 odds. Now, in terms of money, here's what this information means:

If you are conservative, you will take the favorite play, which is the Under 11 wins, risking $115 for each $100 you want to win. On the other side of the coin, if you are the risk-taker type, you will go for the even money, a $100, to win a $100.

NCAAF First Half Odds

The idea behind placing a first-half NCAAF First Half Odds on a college football game is the same as placing a full-game wager, except that only the first-half score counts. Your wager expires once the game reaches halftime. When you wager against the spread, the spread is shown as a + number for the underdog and a -negative number for the favorite. Your team can either lose the first half by these many points or win it by these many points, depending on how many points they need to win. Betting on a college football first-half spread can be advantageous for underdogs because, occasionally, favorites will have a sluggish start and use the first half to adjust to their game plan. Visit our college football first-half value picks to check where you could place your bet and get the best return on your investment.

NCAAF Second Half Odds

Betting in the second half of a college football game (NCAAF Second Half Odds) can be entertaining because you can observe how each team performs in the first half without risking any money. Because the second-half score is the only factor that matters, it can be challenging to determine whether you are winning or losing the wager.

Your second-half wager will not be affected by the first-half spread or score. Look at a box score and only pay attention to the points scored after halftime to get the best idea of how your second-half spread is performing. The spread will be displayed as a negative number for the favorite and a positive number for the underdog, similar to a full-game bet against the spread.

The numbers will be inverse depending on which team you are rooting for. For instance, /- 7 represents the minimum win requirement and maximum loss tolerance. Check out the halftime lines listed above for our best values. If you want more information on how college football spreads work, visit our dedicated page.

NCAAF Quarter Odds

College football is infamously unpredictable. Because of this, many gamblers opt to wager on the games quarter by quarter, NCAAF Quarter Odds. A quarter-by-quarter strategy gives players a chance to divide the games into more manageable chunks, as well as the chance to recover from losses quickly.

NCAAF Season Win Totals

An NCAAF season win totals bet is what it sounds like; gamblers must predict how many victories a team will accrue throughout the upcoming football season. Predicting a precise number of wins in this market is not the objective. The objective is to forecast whether a team will finish over or under the number of wins listed. Instead, they are set up like an over/under bet.

Also check out our NFL betting odds and Super Bowl odds right here at BetPhoenix Sportsbook Online. Sign-up now!

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