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2024 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds and Prop Bets

Get the best 2024 Kentucky Derby Betting Odds and Prop Bets at BetPhoenix Sportsbook. Register Now and enjoy this exciting horse racing event on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

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Get ready! The most famous horse race in America fast approaches. The Kentucky Derby is in its 149th year. This year's Run for the Roses poise to be the most contested one in recent memory following the disqualification of Medina Spirit last year.

What is the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is the first race out of three of the American Triple Crown and a top-ranking Grade 1 stake event for 3-year-old thoroughbred horses. Twenty of the fastest horses will get to the starting gate, all qualified by earning points in the 21/22 Road to the Kentucky Derby race series.

The 1 1/4 mile race takes place on the dirt course at Churchill Downs on Saturday, May 5-6, where it has been run yearly since 1875. Each year, an estimated 155,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby, according to the Kentucky Derby website. The prize pool for 2023 is $3 million.

How can I watch the Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby 2023 coverage will air on May 7 from noon to 2:30 p.m. on USA Network and from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. on NBC. In addition, you can stream the race live on NBCSports.com, the NBC Sports app, and Peacock.

How to bet on Kentucky Derby odds?

A significant portion of the Kentucky Derby's betting action takes place online, and here we show you the four-step process for placing your Kentucky Derby bets online.

The Kentucky Derby odds are exciting. At BetPhoenix Racebook, you will find the best bonuses, customer service, and the most accessible deposit and withdrawal methods to help you place your bets.

STEP 1: Get Started: It's simple to get started because logging in only takes a few minutes. To establish your account, you must supply your name, e-mail address, country, and phone number. After submitting all required information, wait for an e-mail or a link to confirm your account. After completing the registration process, you'll be ready to place your Kentucky Derby action.

STEP 2: Place a Deposit: You get to decide how much money goes into your account. Depositing requires selecting a method that works best for you. BetPhoenix offers one of the broadest deposit and withdrawal options in the market, all of which are 100% safe and secure. At Betphoenix, Bitcoin is the quickest and most convenient method for depositing and receiving funds.

Check out our Bitcoin Tutorial here. If you have inquiries about the process, visit our Help Center or click the Live Chat button to speak to our support team.

STEP 3: Decide on a wager: Click on "Horse" in our betting menu to go to the Racebook. Select Churchill Downs as your track. Pick the Kentucky Derby's race number and then your horse, the amount you want to wager, and your desired type of bet, so pick wisely! Confirm your bet ticket and enjoy.

Bet Strategically!

The Kentucky Derby attracts numerous new bettors who are strange to horse racing. But, don't worry if that's the case. To win, you only need a basic comprehension of the many types of bets available.

If you analyze the horses' previous performances, you'll have the highest chance of winning. Get this information from a race program available at the track where you bet or from numerous internet sources.

Pay attention to the race's distance as well. Look for horses that haven't demonstrated a tendency to weaken in long races and, instead, have a tendency to improve as the race progresses.

Ready for Kentucky Derby Betting?

Here we highlight some of the most crucial components of this fascinating betting trip with our Kentucky Derby betting guide. It is, however, entirely up to you when you put a wager. Early Kentucky Derby online betting is available, or you can wait a few minutes before the race closes.

One thing to remember is to check the Kentucky Derby odds regularly. Kentucky Derby odds can fluctuate before the race begins.

After logging into your BetPhoenix account, choose the track for the race you want to wager on, then select one or more races. After that, select your horse and wager type, enter the amount you wish to bet, and submit your bet ticket.

We want to make sure you understand all of the Kentucky Derby online betting options before making your initial bets.

Kentucky Derby Futures / Early Betting:

Placing a Future wager on the Kentucky Derby is an excellent option for those who enjoy early action. This type of bet is available during different runnings of the "Road to the Kentucky Derby" prep races.

Kentucky Derby Win, Place, and Show Bets.

New horse racing bettors usually stick to these three straightforward types of bets. First, a WIN bet is a wager on the horse you believe will win the Kentucky Derby, as the name suggests.

  1. Win Bet: You win if your selection finishes first.
  2. Place Bet: You win if your selection finishes second
  3. Show Bet: You win if your selection finishes third.

Place bets payout whether your selection comes in first, second, or even fourth or fifth place, depending on the track and book's offer. Although the odds are significantly lower, this form of wager is more positive.

It is, of course, up to you to choose which of these possibilities is best for you. A few more forms of wagers are a little more complicated. However, once you've become acquainted with them, you'll find that they're simple to comprehend. So, let's get this party started!

Kentucky Derby Exacta Bets

The Exacta bet is an excellent place to learn about exotic bets in Kentucky Derby betting. You can win a lot of money with a modest investment. An Exacta is picking the first two finishers in a horse race in the exact order they finish. Exacta betting is available on the world's most famous horse races, including the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and nearly every other race!

Kentucky Derby Trifecta Bets

Why not attempt a Trifecta when you're ready to take on some of the more complicated bets? The correct selection of the first, second, and third-place finishers across the wire in the exact order is the definition of a Trifecta. Due to the challenge of choosing the top three finishers adequately, a small wager amount may result in a large payout.

Kentucky Derby History

The Kentucky Derby race, also known as the "the most exciting two minutes in sports." ends a two-week-long festival.

The first Derby, known as the Run for the Roses because of the blanket of roses laid over the winner, took place in 1875. It has been held in Louisville, Kentucky, every year since then, with no breaks, not even during the Great Depression or World Wars.

The Kentucky Derby is traditionally the opening leg of the Triple Crown in the United States, followed by the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes. However, Belmont Stakes is up first this year due to the revised race season schedule.

A horse is declared the Triple Crown winner if it wins all three races.

So yet, only 13 horses have been able to accomplish this feat.

Justify, the last horse to win the Triple Crown in 2018, was a favorite to win the Kentucky Derby. Maximum Security was disqualified for interfering despite being the first horse to cross the finish line in 2019. Country House was proclaimed the winner of the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby.

Last Kentucky Derby Winners:

2022 - Rich Strike

2021 - Medina Spirit (Mandaloun)

2020 - Authentic

2019 - Country House

2018 - Justify

2017 - Always Dreaming

2016 - Nyquist

2015 - American Pharoah

2014 - California Chrome

2013 - Orb

2012 - I'll Have Another

Medina Spirt won the Kentucky Derby in 2021 as a 12/1 betting favorite, but the victory was not without controversy. After confirming a positive drug test by the winning horse, Medina Spirit trainer Bob Baffert was barred from the first Triple Crown race for two years.

Per the disqualification, Mandaloun was named the winner of the race, and Medina Spirit lost.

It's a great idea to understand how Kentucky Derby odds work. First, a Pari-Mutuel System is used to determine them. In other words, the amount of money in a race determines the odds.

Once the amount bet on a horse has been established, the bookies compare it to the amount bet on the other horses in the field to determine the odds. That's why odds fluctuate and why the more money put on a horse, the lower the odds he'll receive.

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