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What is a Teaser Bet?

What is a Teaser Bet? A Teaser bet is a wager in which 2 to 8 teams are selected together in one wager with an adjusted point spread. In a teaser bet, you can add points to the sides or mix both sides and totals adding or subtracting to the totals. If one selection loses the teaser is considered a loss.

Example: 2 team teaser 5pts for $100

Cavaliers +4+5 pts = the teased line is now +9

Celtics -3+5 pts = the teased line is now +2

  • The payout in a 2 team 5 pts. basketball regular teaser is 10/13. In this case, you will lay $130 to win $100.


In the event that any of the teaser selection pushes or ties the following rules apply:

Special Teasers: Any Tie is considered a Loss

2 Team Teasers: Tie + Win = Push, Tie + Loss = Loss

More than 2 team teasers: a tie reverts the teaser to the next lower level

Example: 4 team teaser with 1 tie reverts to a 3 team teaser.

When a Game is Cancel or Postponed

  • In case a game is cancel or postponed, the whole teaser will be graded as No Action.
  • A cancel or postponed will not count as a tie or push, in this case teasers won’t revert to their next lower level.

Note: in case of a tie or push, reverting to the next lower level teaser will apply for normal teasers. For special teasers (sweetheart teasers) a push or tie will result in a loss.

Mixed Regular Teasers FB/BK

2 TEAMS-125-135-145
3 TEAMS+150+130+120
4 TEAMS+245+220+190
5 TEAMS+400+375+325
6 TEAMS+550+500+475
7 TEAMS+800+700+600
8 TEAMS+900+800+700

Mixed Special Teaser Odds FB/BK

3 TEAMS10 / 7 PTS-120

13 / 9 PTS



On our special 3 teams 10 point football or 7 point basketball teaser bet (sometimes known as Sweetheart teasers), odds are -120 (5/6) and ties lose.  Only point spreads of the same sport may be placed in these special teasers.  If a selection has no-action due to postponement or cancellation, the whole sweetheart teaser will have no-action.

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