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Sport Bet Types

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    Teasers are wagers in which 2 to 8 teams are selected together in one wager with an adjusted point spread. In a teaser you can add points to the sides or mix both sides and totals adding or subtracting to the totals. If one selection loses the teaser is considered a loss.

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    Straight Bets

    Straight bets are made when you choose a team and the point spread. The cost of the bet is 10/11 or $110 to win $100.


    Toronto Raptors +6

    Chicago Bulls -6

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    Reverse Bets are essentially double action If Bets. The total amount risked of a reverse will the amount of each straight bet.

    Only Action Reverses are accepted, and it is only possible to do combinations of 2 team if bets, no OPEN spots allowed, same if bet rules apply.

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    Two or more teams or totals can be combined to make one wager. Circled games cannot be parlayed. Proposition plays, and future bets cannot be parlayed.

    You may estimate Parlay Payoffs by following steps (example provided):

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    Football and Basketball betting you are given the option to bet a point spread or a moneyline bet. With money lines you wager which team is going to win. Disregarding the point spread.


    Orlando Magic -280

    Houston Rockets +240

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    If Bets


    "If bets" allow our members to make a second wager pending a win on the first selection. "If" wagers must be made on one call.


    Dallas Cowboys -5 $110 to win $100

    IF (if win, tie, or cancel)

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    Buying Points

    Buying points allows you to improve your odds by decreasing the spread, therefore allowing you to win when your team scores fewer points. Point buying is available for football and basketball on game sides and totals only.

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