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2023 Belmont Stakes Betting Odds

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The Belmont Stakes is a renowned horse racing event, one of the three races constituting the prestigious Triple Crown series. The Triple Crown, which consists of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes, is one of the most distinguished and exigent accomplishments in Thoroughbred horse racing.

The Belmont Stakes takes place annually on a Saturday in June at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. The race is open only to three-year-old Thoroughbred horses and is contested on a 1.5-mile (2.4-kilometer) dirt track, making it the longest of the Triple Crown races.

The horsing event is also known for its challenging distance, often called the "Test of the Champion." Its longer track poses a significant test of stamina and endurance for the participating horses. The race has witnessed memorable moments, legendary horses, and exciting finishes throughout its history.

Winning the Belmont Stakes is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for horses since, as we previously mentioned, the race is only open to 3-year-old Thoroughbreds, and this is precisely what makes the Belmont Stakes Odds so exciting. So, while we fill you up with all the information, you can sign up at BetPhoenix and enjoy our Belmont Stakes Live Betting Odds, discounts, promos, and the best wagers out there.

Belmont Stakes Betting

Betting on the Belmont Stakes Odds, the final leg of the Triple Crown offers an exciting opportunity for horse racing enthusiasts and bettors alike. The horse racing event attracts a significant amount of attention from both casual and experienced bettors, with extensive betting options available to suit different preferences and strategies.

  • Win Bet: A Win bet is the simplest and most common type of bet. With a Win bet, you select the horse you believe will win the race. If your chosen horse finishes first, your bet is a winner. You must indicate the horse's program number on the racecard to place a Win bet. For example, if you select horse number 5 to win, you would say, "Five dollars to win on number 5." Win bets offer higher payouts, especially if you choose a horse with longer odds.
  • Place Bet: A Place bet is slightly more conservative than a Win bet. With a Place bet, you select a horse you believe will finish in first or second place. Your bet is successful if your chosen horse accomplishes either of those positions. Place bets provide a higher chance of winning than Win bets but typically yield lower payouts. To place a Place bet, specify the horse's program number and say, "Ten dollars to place on number 3."
  • Show Bet: A Show bet is an even more conservative option. With a Show bet, select a horse you believe will finish in the top three places. Your bet is a winner if your chosen horse achieves one of those positions. Show bets offer the highest likelihood of winning but lower payouts than Win or Place bets. To place a Show bet, state the horse's program number and say, "Fifteen dollars to show on number 7."

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Belmont Stakes Exacta Bets

For bettors seeking larger payouts, Belmont stakes exacta bets are available. Belmont stakes exacta bets are available. For the exacta bet, you will need to predict the first two finishing horses in the correct order, while a trifecta bet extends that prediction to the top three finishers, but we will get into that one in a second.

  • Straight Exacta: In a Straight Exacta bet, you select the horse you believe will finish first (the "win" horse) and the horse you believe will finish second (the "place" horse) in the correct order. For example, if you think Horse A will win and Horse B will finish second, you would say, "Ten dollars straight Exacta, Horse A to win and Horse B to place." This means Horse A must finish first, and Horse B must finish second for your bet to win.
  • Boxed Exacta: A Boxed Exacta bet offers more flexibility than a Straight Exacta. With a Boxed Exacta, you select two or more horses you believe will finish first and second, but they can finish in any order. For example, if you box Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C, you would say, "Ten dollars boxed Exacta, Horses A, B, and C." Your bet is a winner if these three horses occupy the top two spots.
  • Keyed Exacta: In a Keyed Exacta, you select one horse to win (the "key" horse) and choose multiple horses to finish second. For example, if you believe Horse A will win. If you want to cover several possible second-place finishers, you would say, "Ten dollars Exacta, Horse A with Horses B, C, and D." In this case, Horse A must win, and any of Horses B, C, or D can finish second for your bet to win.

Exacta bets offer the potential for higher payouts compared to more uncomplicated win, place, or show bets, but they also involve a higher level of difficulty. 

Belmont Stakes Trifecta Bets

Belmont Stakes Trifecta bets are another type of exotic wager that adds an extra level of challenge and potential reward to your betting experience. Trifecta bets require you to predict the first three finishers of the race in the exact order. Here's how Trifecta bets work for the Belmont Stakes Odds:

  • Straight Trifecta: In a Straight Trifecta bet, you select the horse you believe will finish first (the "win" horse), the horse you believe will finish second (the "place" horse), and the horse you believe will finish third (the "show" horse) in the correct order. For example, if you think Horse A will win, Horse B will place, and Horse C will show, you would say, "Ten dollars straight Trifecta, Horse A to win, Horse B to place, and Horse C to show." This means Horse A must finish first, Horse B must finish second, and Horse C must finish third for your bet to win.
  • Boxed Trifecta: A Boxed Trifecta bet provides more flexibility than a Straight Trifecta. With a Boxed Trifecta, you select three or more horses you believe will finish first, second, and third, but they can finish in any order. For example, if you box Horse A, Horse B, and Horse C, you would say, "Ten dollars boxed Trifecta, Horses A, B, and C." Regardless of the order, your bet is a winner as long as these three horses occupy the top three spots.
  • Keyed Trifecta: In a Keyed Trifecta, you select one horse to win (the "key" horse) and choose multiple horses to finish second and third. For example, if you believe Horse A will win. If you want to cover several possible second and third-place finishers, you would say, "Ten dollars Trifecta, Horse A with Horses B, C, and D, with Horses B, C, and D." In this case, Horse A must win. Any combination of Horses B, C, and D finishing second and third will result in a winning bet.

Trifecta bets offer the potential for significant payouts due to their increased difficulty.

Belmont Stakes Prop Bets

Belmont Stakes Prop Bets are another popular type of Belmont Stakes Odds that allows you to wager on a specific event or occurrences inside of it. These bets can add an extra level of excitement and engagement to your betting experience.

 Here are some examples of Belmont Stakes Prop bets: winning time, the margin of victory, post position of the winner, head-to-head matchups, jockey performance, and triple crown winner.

These are just a few examples of the prop bets that may be available for Belmont Stakes Live Betting Odds. Prop bets can vary depending on the odds. They add an element of variety and entertainment beyond traditional win, place, and show bets, allowing you to engage with different aspects of the race and its participants.

Belmont Stakes Live Betting Odds

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Belmont Stakes History

The inaugural Belmont Stakes occurred on June 19, 1867, at Jerome Park Racetrack in the Bronx, New York. The race was named in honor of August Belmont Sr., a prominent financier and figure in American racing. It was a mile and five furlongs, making it the longest regarding the distance of the three Triple Crown races.

The Belmont Stakes gained significant recognition in 1919 when Sir Barton became the first winner of the Triple Crown, winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. This remarkable feat solidified the Belmont Stakes' status as a pivotal race in American racing history.

Over the years, the Belmont Stakes has witnessed some memorable moments and legendary horses. In 1930, Gallant Fox became the second horse to achieve the Triple Crown, setting a new stakes record in the Belmont Stakes that would stand for over 50 years. In 1948, Citation claimed the Triple Crown, and in 1973, Secretariat captivated the world with his historical performance, breaking records and winning the Belmont Stakes by an astonishing 31 lengths.

The Belmont Stakes has also had its fair share of upsets and surprises. In 2002, Sarava, a 70-1 longshot, shocked the racing world by defeating War Emblem, who was vying for the Triple Crown. In 2015, American Pharoah ended a 37-year Triple Crown drought by winning the Belmont Stakes, captivating fans and reigniting interest in the sport.

The distance of the Belmont Stakes has undergone some changes throughout its history. From its inaugural running until 1873, the race was contested at a distance of 1 5/8 miles. In 1890, the distance was changed to 1 1/2 miles, where it remains to this day. The demanding distance has contributed to the race's reputation as an actual test of stamina and endurance, challenging both horses and jockeys.

The Belmont Stakes have evolved and adapted to the changing times. In 1963, it became the first race in America to be nationally televised in color. The introduction of simulcasting in the 1980s allowed fans to wager on the Belmont Stakes and other races taking place at different tracks across the country. The race has also embraced technological advancements, with the implementation of photo finishes, electronic timing, and increased media coverage.

Beyond the racing, the Belmont Stakes has become a cultural event. The race has attracted celebrities, dignitaries, and a diverse crowd of spectators who come to witness history in the making. The traditional blanket of white carnations, known as the "The Carnations" or "The Belmont Jewel," is awarded to the winner, further adding to the race's prestige.

Today, the Belmont Stakes continues to captivate racing enthusiasts worldwide, filling them with fever, excitement, and joy.

Belmont Stakes Past Winners

2022Mo DonegalIrad Ortiz Jr.Todd Pletcher2:28.28
2021Essential QualityLuis SaezBrad H. Cox2:27.11
2020Tiz the LawBarclay TaggManny Franco1:46.53
2019Sir WinstonMark CasseJoel Rosario2:28.30
2018JustifyBob BaffertMike Smith2:28.18
2017TapwritTodd PletcherJose L. Ortiz2:30.02
2016CreatorSteve AsmussenIrad Ortiz Jr.2:28.51
2015American PharoahBob BaffertVictor Espinoza2:26.65
2014TonalistChristophe ClementJoel Rosario2:28.52
2013Palace MaliceTodd PletcherMike Smith2:30.70
2012Union RagsMichael MatzJohn Velazquez2:30.42
2011Ruler On IceJose ValdiviaKelly J. Breen2:30.88
2010DrosselmeyerMike E. SmithWilliam I. Mott2:31.57
2009Summer BirdKent DesormeauxTim Ice2:27.54
2008DaTaraAlan GarciaNicholas P. Zito2:29.65
2007Rags to RichesJohn VelazquezTodd Pletcher2:28.74
2006JazilFernando JaraKiaran McLaughlin2:27.81
2005Afleet AlexJeremy RoseTim Ritchey2:28.75
2004BirdstoneEdgar PradoNicholas P. Zito2:27.50
2003Empire MakerJerry BaileyBobby Frankel2:28.26
2002SaravaEdgar PradoKen McPeek2:29.71
2001Point GivenGary StevensBob Baffert2:26.80
2000CommendablePat DayD. Wayne Lukas2:31.20
1999Lemon Drop KidJose SantosScotty Schulhofer2:27.80
1998Victory GallopGary StevensElliott Walden2:29.00
1997Touch GoldChris McCarronDavid Hofmans2:28.80
1995Thunder GulchGary StevensD. Wayne Lukas2:32.00
1994Tabasco CatPat DayD. Wayne Lukas2:26.80
1993Colonial AffairJulie KroneScotty Schulhofer2:29.80
1992A.P. IndyEddie DelahoussayeNeil Drysdale2:26.00
1991HanselJerry BaileyFrank Brothers2:28.00
1990Go And GoMichael KinaneDermot Weld2:27.20
1989Easy GoerPat DayShug McGaughey2:26.00
1988Risen StarEddie DelahoussayeLouie Roussel III2:26.40
1987Bet TwiceCraig PerretJimmy Croll2:28.20
1986Danzig ConnectionChris McCarronWoody Stephens2:29.80
1985Creme FraicheEddie MapleWoody Stephens2:27.00
1984SwaleLaffit Pincay Jr.Woody Stephens2:27.20
1983CaveatLaffit Pincay Jr.Woody Stephens2:27.80
1982Conquistador CieloLaffit Pincay Jr.Woody Stephens2:28.20
1981SummingGeorge MartensLuis Barerra2:29.00
1980Temperence HillEddie MapleJoseph Cantey2:29.80
1979CoastalRuben HernandezDavid Whiteley2:28.60
1978Affirmed daggerSteve CauthenLaz Barrera2:26.80
1977Seattle SlewJean CruguetBilly Turner2:29.60
1976Bold ForbesAngel Cordero Jr.Laz Barrera2:29.00
1975AvatarBill ShoemakerTommy Doyle2:28.20
1974Little CurrentMiguel RiveraLou Rondinello2:29.20
1973SecretariatRon TurcotteLucien Laurin2:24.00
1972Riva RidgeRon TurcotteLucien Laurin2:28.00
1971Pass CatcherWalter BlumEddie Yowell2:30.40
1970High EchelonJohn RotzJohn Jacobs2:34.00
1969Arts And LettersBraulio BaezaElliott Burch2:28.80
1968Stage Door JohnnyGus GustinesJohn M. Gaver2:27.20
1967DamascusBill ShoemakerFrank Whiteley2:28.80
1966AmberoidWilliam BolandLucien Laurin2:29.60
1965Hail To AllJohn SellersEddie Yowell2:28.40
1964QuadrangleManuel YcazaElliott Burch2:28.40
1963ChateaugayBraulio BaezaJames Conway2:30.20
1962JaipurBill ShoemakerBert Mulholland2:28.80
1961SherluckBraulio BaezaHarold Young2:29.20
1960Celtic AshBill HartackTom Barry2:29.20
1959Sword DancerBill ShoemakerElliott Burch2:28.40
1958CavanPete AndersonTom Barry2:30.20
1957Gallant ManBill ShoemakerJohn Nerud2:26.60
1956NeedlesDavid ErbHugh Fontaine2:29.80
1955NashuaEddie ArcaroSunny Jim Fitzsimmons2:29.00
1954High GunEric GuerinMax Hirsch2:30.80
1953Native DancerEric GuerinBill Winfrey2:28.60
1952One CountEddie ArcaroOscar White2:30.20
1951CounterpointDavid GormanSyl Veitch2:29.00
1950MiddlegroundWilliam BolandMax Hirsch2:28.60
1949CapotTed AtkinsonJohn M. Gaver2:30.20
1948CitationEddie ArcaroHorace A. "Jimmy" Jones2:28.20
1947PhalanxR. DonosoSyl Veitch2:29.40
1946AssaultWarren MehrtensMax Hirsch2:30.80
1945PavotEddie ArcaroOscar White2.30.20
1944Bounding HomeG.L. SmithMatt Brady2:32.20
1943Count FleetJohnny LongdenDon Cameron2:28.20
1942Shut OutEddie ArcaroJohn M. Gaver2:29.20
1941WhirlawayEddie ArcaroBen A. Jones2:31.00
1940BimelechFred A. SmithBill Hurley2:29.60
1939JohnstownJames StoutSunny Jim Fitzsimmons2:29.60
1938PasteurizedJames StoutGeorge Odom2:29.40
1937War AdmiralCharley KurtsingerGeorge Conway2:28.60
1936GranvilleJames StoutSunny Jim Fitzsimmons2:30.00
1935OmahaWillie SaundersSunny Jim Fitzsimmons2:30.60
1934Peace ChanceW.D. WrightPete Coyne2:29.20
1933HurryoffMack GarnerHenry McDaniel2:32.60
1932FairenoTom MalleySunny Jim Fitzsimmons2:32.80
1931Twenty GrandCharley KurtsingerJames Rowe, Jr.2:29.60
1930Gallant FoxEarl SandeSunny Jim Fitzsimmons2:31.60
1929Blue LarkspurMack GarnerHenry J. "Dick" Thompson2:32.80
1928VitoClarence KummerMax Hirsch2:33.20
1927Chance ShotEarl SandePete Coyne2:32.40
1926CrusaderAlbert JohnsonGeorge Conway2:32.20
1925American FlagAlbert JohnsonG.R. Tompkins2:16.80
1924Mad PlayEarl SandeSam Hildreth2:18.80
1923ZevEarl SandeSam Hildreth2:19.00
1922PilloryC.H. MillerThomas J. Healey2:18.80
1921Grey LagEarl SandeSam Hildreth2:16.80
1919Sir BartonJohnny LoftusH. Guy Bedwell2:17.40
1918JohrenFrank RobinsonAlbert Simons2:20.40
1917HourlessJames ButwellSam Hildreth2:17.80
1916Friar RockE. HaynesSam Hildreth2:22.00
1915The FinnGeorge ByrneE.W. Heffner2:18.40
1914Luke MclukeMerritt BuxtonJ.F. Schorr2:20.00
1913Prince EugeneRoscoe TroxlerJames Rowe, Sr.2:18.00
1910SweepJames ButwellJames Rowe, Sr.2:22.00
1909Joe MaddenEddie DuganSam Hildreth2:21.60
1908ColinJoe NotterJames Rowe, Sr.N/A
1907Peter PanG. MountainJames Rowe, Sr.N/A
1906BurgomasterLucien LyneJohn W. Rogers2:20.00
1905TanyaE. HildebrandJohn W. Rogers2:08.00
1904DelhiGeorge OdomJames Rowe, Sr.2:06.60
1903AfricanderJohn BullmanR. Miller2:21.75
1902MastermanJohn BullmanJohn J. Hyland2:22.60
1901CommandoH. SpencerJames Rowe, Sr.2:21.00
1900IldrimNash TurnerH. Eugene Leigh2:21.25
1899Jean BeraudR. ClawsonSam Hildreth2:23.00
1898Bowling BrookFred LittlefieldRobert W. Walden2:32.00
1897Scottish ChieftainJ. ScherrerMatt Byrnes2:23.25
1896HastingsHenry GriffinJohn J. Hyland2:24.50
1895BelmarFred TaralE. Feakes2:11.50
1894Henry Of NavarreWillie SimmsByron McClelland1:56.50
1893CommancheWillie SimmsGus Hannon1:53.25
1892PatronW. HaywardLewis Stuart2:12.00
1891FoxfordEd GarrisonM. Donavan2:08.75
1890BurlingtonPike BarnesAlbert Cooper2:07.75
1889EricW. HaywardJohn Huggins2:47.25
1888Sir DixonJim McLaughlinFrank McCabe2:40.25
1887HanoverJim McLaughlinFrank McCabe2:43.50
1886Inspector BJim McLaughlinFrank McCabe2:41.00
1885TyrantPaul DuffyW. Claypool2:43.00
1884PaniqueJim McLaughlinJames Rowe, Sr.2:42.00
1883George KinneyJim McLaughlinJames Rowe, Sr.2:42.50
1882ForesterJim McLaughlinLewis Stuart2:43.00
1881SauntererT. CostelloRobert W. Walden2:47.00
1880GrenadaLloyd HughesRobert W. Walden2:47.00
1879SpendthriftGeorge EvansThomas Puryear2:42.75
1878Duke of MagentaC. HollowayRobert W. Walden2:43.50
1877CloverbrookC. HollowayJeter Walden2:46.00
1876AlgerineBilly DonohueMajor Doswell2:40.50
1875CalvinBobby SwimAnsel Williamson2:42.25
1874SaxonGeorge BarbeeW. Prior2:39.50
1873SpringbokJames Rowe, Sr.David McDaniel3:01.75
1872Joe DanielsJames Rowe, Sr.David McDaniel2:58.25
1871Harry BassettW. MillerDavid McDaniel2:56.00
1870KingfisherEd Brown (aka "Dick")Rollie Colston2:59.50
1869FenianC. MillerJ. Pincus3:04.25
1868General DukeBobby SwimA. Thompson3:02.00
1867RuthlessGilbert PatrickA.J. Minor3:05

Belmont Stakes FAQs

  • When is the Belmont Stakes?

The Belmont Stakes take place annually on a Saturday in June.

  • Who's the favorite to win the 2023 Belmont Stakes?

Forte, Tapit Trice, Angel of Empire, and National Treasure are the 2023 Belmont Stakes horses garnering the most attention entering the 155th running on Saturday, June 10. 

  • What's the best place to bet on the Belmont Stakes?

Even though you have numerous options, BetPhoenix is the best place to bet on the Triple Crown Odds. You can sign up for our website from anywhere and anytime while enjoying the best odds available for each market and accessing our unique discounts and promos. Plus, you can count on our customer service, who can assist you twenty-four-seven.

  • Who won the 2022 Belmont Stakes?

Beating Belmont stakes odds, the American Thoroughbred racehorse Mo Donegal won the race in 2022 and beat We The People, who was installed favorite at 2-1.

  • What is the fastest Belmont Stakes time?

The American Thoroughbred racehorse Tiz the Law holds the fastest Belmont Stakes time. With Manny Franco as his jockey, they won the 2020 race with a time of 1:46.53.

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