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Boxing betting odds are normally available on major fights that take place each month. Boxing is not as popular as it once was, but there are still bouts that get attention at BetPhoenix. The first thing you will notice about most boxing odds is that they are higher than odds you will see in other sports. It is not uncommon to see boxing betting odds of -500 or more on a fighter.

How to Bet on the "Sweet Science" Fights

When you bet on boxing there are some things to take into consideration as you handicap a bout. Unless a fighter is knocked out, the decision on which fighter wins is made by the judges. And boxing has a terrible reputation when it comes to judges. Far too often the bouts are not judged properly. Just ask anyone who saw Manny Pacquaio’s fight against Timothy Bradley how incompetent the judges can be. If you are making a boxing bet on a fighter in a bout that is considered on the road, then you probably need your fighter to get a knockout to win as judges are often influenced by the home crowd. It is also important to remember that the judges get paid by the promoter which just screams out for a conflict of interest.

Another factor to consider in boxing betting is that there are many different sanctioning bodies. You have champions from all of the different associations, and sometimes keeping track is difficult even for the oddsmakers. Just because a boxer comes out of a high ranking association like the WBC does not necessarily mean he is the best boxer.

Remember in boxing betting that the big marquee fights get most of the action at BetPhoenix but your best boxing bet may not always be on the big fights. You may find more value in the fights that are not as much on the public’s radar but still on the board at the sportsbook.

Also known as the "sweet science," boxing is an exciting sport that pits two warriors in a ring against each other, and tests their endurance, intelligence, and toughness. For boxing fans, watching their heroes do battle can be exhilarating when their fighter wins, or crushing when their favorite is defeated. The momentum swings, and anticipation of sudden victory or defeat can make the fans feel as if they are a part of the action themselves. The only thing that can add even more excitement to the event is to bet on boxing matches.

Boxing Odds Explanation

Boxing matches are one-on-one events, so bets boil down to the boxing odds of each opponent winning. There are three main sets of boxing betting odds for the fans to choose from when selecting their wager(s). In order to bet on boxing, it is important to understand how the boxing odds work, in order to get the best wager possible.

Those sets of odds are:

  1. "Win" odds, or the chance of either fighter to win.
  2. "Draw" odds, or the chance that the fight will end as a draw.
  3. "Over /Under" odds, or the number of rounds the bettor thinks the fight will last.

Most people placing boxing bets will focus on the "Win" odds. Each fighter gets his/her own "Win" odds; one fighter being listed as the "favorite" and the other as the "underdog." For example, if Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao were to fight, the odds may show as Mayweather Jr. +200, and Pacquiao -300. The "+" sign indicates that Mayweather Jr. is the "underdog". A bet of $100 on Mayweather Jr. would return $200 or $300 total (betting amount + winning). On the other hand, the "-" sign indicates that Pacquiao is the favorite. Therefore, a bet of $300 on Pacquiao would win $100. All that matters in this type of boxing bet is that the fighter chosen wins. It could be by knockout, technical knockout, unanimous decision, majority decision, or split decision, but as long as the fighter that is wagered on is ruled the winner, whoever wagered on that fighter will win.

The next type of boxing betting odds to choose from is the "Draw" odds. The "Draw" odds have a higher payout than any other type of boxing bet, because it is unlikely that there will be a draw. A draw means that the fight goes to the scorecards and the judges do not come to a consensus on who the winner is. For example, one judge may have one fighter winning, another judge may have the other fighter winning, and the third of the three judges may have it ruled a draw. Officially the fight will be declared a draw. The odds for this type of bet are typically around the 1000 mark (or higher), meaning that a bet of $100 would win $1000, if the fight is ruled a draw.

The last way to bet boxing is to bet on the "Over / Under". The "Over / Under" is the number of rounds that the fight will last. For example, if the over / under is 6.5, then the fight is expected to last 6 and one-half rounds. The one-half mark of a round is the 1:30 minute mark (boxing matches use 3:00 minute rounds). All that matters for this type of bet is how long the fight actually lasts, regardless of the winner.

It is possible to combine types of bets, which makes winning more difficult, but increases the amount of winnings that is possible. For example, in the Mayweather Jr. / Pacquiao fight example, it would be possible to bet on Mayweather Jr. at +200 to win and the "Over." If Mayweather Jr. wins and the fight lasts past the over/under number, the person who made the bet wins big. However, if Mayweather Jr. knocks out Pacquiao in the first round, then the bet is a loss because the fight did not last long enough.

Betphoenix Sportsbook gives great odds on fights. If you are going to bet on boxing, then it only makes sense to get the best odds that you can, and you can only do that with us. Take a look at our site and you will see that the best odds you can find on boxing are here at betphoenix.ag. As an additional incentive, we also offer bonuses for anyone willing to bet on boxing. To help you out, we also provide information on the biggest names in boxing so that you will be properly educated when you go to place your bet. Want to bet the over/under on the big title fight? We will tell you who is known as a knockout artist and who is known as a defensive expert so you will have a better idea of how long a fight will last.

Boxing is an incredibly exciting sport. Fights can go back and forth with great action and displays of incredible courage from each fighter. The only thing that can make a great fight even better is to bet on the outcome, win, and be able to tell your friends "I told you he would win!" Come to betphoenix.ag and get the best odds you can to increase not only your likelihood of winning but your actual winnings as well.