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NCAA Basketball

College Basketball offers a variety of teams that cannot be matched by any other sport offered at BetPhoenix Sportsbook.

While college basketball is best known for the “March Madness” tournament excitement, a deeper look reveals that college hoops offer a variety of teams and wagering opportunities that no other sport can hope to match. BetPhoenix Sportsbook is your ultimate home for the best in college basketball wagering action.

Wagering Options

You can wager on college basketball action with futures betting in which you can lay or take odds on teams to make the Final Four and win the National Championship. You can also bet futures with the CBB odds on teams to win their respective conferences.

Beyond futures, you can bet the point spread on each game in which you ether lay or take points on one team against the other. Many games are also on the moneyline in which you simply lay or take odds on the straight up winner of a game matchup.  BetPhoenix Sportsbook also offers over / under wagering on college basketball.

Teams Galore

There are nearly 300 Division I college basketball teams to bet the CBB odds with, and this massive volume of teams offers the astute handicapper plenty of chances to find “weak” lines as well as mismatches that can be exploited for profit. The many different playing styles of these various teams can often make for great handicapping matchups throughout the season, which runs from November through early April.

March Madness

Only the Super Bowl is more popular, as far as sports wagering events, than the NCAA tournament each March. March Madness attracts even casual bettors that don’t follow college hoops during the regular season. This again offers some potentially great wagering options as the public will often drive the price too high on “name brand” teams with extra value being offered to “bargain hunting” bettors that are astute enough to take it.


No other sport is so coach dependent as college basketball. Coaches are more important in college hoops than in any other sport and half of the battle in handicapping with the CBB odds is to know the ability of all coaches.

Known formally as the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, the tournament is a single-elimination competition featuring 68 qualifying teams from the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The tournament, created in 1939, determines the National Championship team in the NCAA's top tier for college hoops.

Betphoenix Sportsbook offers members the following NCAA Basketball lines:

  • Half and Quarter betting – Lines are available on the score at the end of each quarter and half. Overtime play is part of the second half.
  • Game Props – These betting lines focus on special propositions related to the game. For example: Will either team score in the first two minutes, or which team will score first?
  • Player Props – Similar to game props but related to specific players. For example: Will the center for the North Carolina Tarheels lead the game in scoring?
  • Unique betting lines – These are special betting lines offered on that you will not find elsewhere.

College Basketball Gambling

Compared to NBA basketball play, college hoops may lack the finesse and professionalism, but it makes up for this with the youthful exuberance of the players and the fans. The tournament is held in March, hence the name "March Madness", and it features three rounds followed by Sweet 16, Elite Eight and Final Four eliminations leading up to the National Championship game.

The number of teams in the NCAA is large and the tournament starts with 68 qualifiers. The difference between top tier and bottom tier teams is greater than that found in the pros. Generally, the public is less familiar with the NCAA teams and players since they have less exposure to them when compared to the NBA.

Therefore, wagering against the odds is a bit risky without having a good source of information on which to base your bets. You can find details listed below on the NCAA bracket rounds that will help you in your March Madness betting choices.

Once the tournament begins, you will have numerous opportunities to bet in the different NCAA brackets. For each game, we list March Madness odds for quarter scores, halftime scores, game props, player props and for unique game lines.

The reason that the tournament is so popular is the wide range of options and the almost dizzying choice of NCAA tournament odds. The wide disparity between college teams generally leads to many opportunities to bet against high odds.

Our site offers users the ability to place bets online or over the phone. The minimum online bet is $5.00 while you must wager at least $50 for a phone bet.

Major gambling associations like BangtheBook, GamblingIQ, and the OSGA recommend's betting website. We provide additional language support for members in Chinese and Vietnamese.

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