2022 March Madness Betting Odds

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Early 2022 March Madness Betting Preview

When the season started, the Gonzaga Bulldogs were the favorites to win the 2022 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship at around +200. Head coach Mark Few put together one of the best teams in recent years with Forward Corey Kispert and Drew Timme. Gonzaga has its sights set on the title. 

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How to bet on March Madness

March Madness is the ultimate college basketball betting event and the NCAA's national basketball championship tournament. Betting on March Madness is a huge business. In fact, it's estimated that it may even rival Super Bowl betting with over 50 million Americans and more than $430 million in March Madness betting expected to be taken in Vegas and countless millions of more bets online. Are you ready to jump into the best March Madness betting action? Here's how you can capitalize on this year's tournament, and how to make the most of the college basketball betting lines available at BetPhoenix Sportsbook Online

March Madness Bettors

A major part of March Madness Betting is a large betting public that participates after not really paying attention to college basketball’s regular season.

March Madness is as much a gambling event as it is a sports event with plenty of dollars bet in the first-round bracket contests selections.

Traditional power teams such as Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, Gonzaga, and UCLA usually bring in plenty of action from the betting public.

March Madness Betting Galore

One of the big draws of March Madness betting is the volume of games on the first Thursday and Friday of the tournament, as there are 16 games each day running from late morning through late night. March Madness betting action takes place with full game wagering but also halves, props, and futures.

This makes for the ultimate in action as games are on several different networks all starting at different times to give each matchup a chance for a few minutes of everyone’s attention. March Madness must-see event that certainly lives up to its name. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Point Spreads

Most folks that bet on March Madness will do so on the point spread.

Before every game, the March Madness lines are posted with the expected spread with one team considered the favorite and the other the underdog. 

If you bet on the favorite, your pick will have to win by the spread's number of points in order for you to win your bet. If you bet on the underdog, that team will either have to win or lose by fewer points than the spread. 

For example, North Carolina is a -1.5 points favorites over Gonzaga; had you bet on them, you would have won if the final score ended 68-66. 

When you're betting against the spread (ATS), it's usual that one team covers but not always. If the final score ends with the exact number of points of the spread, the bet is considered a "push" and the money is returned to bettors. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Moneylines

The March Madness odds are expressed in different ways; instead of betting ATS, for example, you're betting on one team winning the game straight up (SU). 

For example, let's have the Tar Heels with -125 favorites to win which means you have to bet $125 to win a $100 bet (it doesn't mean you necessarily have to bet $100 but the lines are proportional to that amount). 

Conversely, let's have the Bulldogs as +105 underdogs which mean that you're paid out $105 for every $100 bet if they win the game. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Over/Under, Totals

When you're betting on the "totals," you're betting on the prediction of whether the combined final score of the game will go over or under the posted total. 

Let's say the total for a game is set at 155, and the game ended 68-66, which means you would win if bet on the UNDER. Just like in spread betting, had the combined score ended at 155, you're bet would have been a push. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Futures

Before March Madness begins, you can still place a bet on the odds to win NCAA Championship. A futures bet is one that you place on the team that you expect to win a major event placed before the start of the event. 

Currently, Gonzaga and Michigan are among the favorites to win the 2021 NCAA College Basketball Championship. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Prop Bets

Does betting on the outcome of a specific game not interest you? Then prop bets might be your cup of tea. Prop bets are usually divided into team props and player props. Team props could be as simple as how many points are scored in the first half, while player props are on an individual player's performance.

March Madness prop bets will undoubtedly be among the most popular betting odds in this year's tournament. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Parlays

Want to know of a way of increasing your potential payout tenfold? If you're betting on the spread, moneyline, or total then parlay bets are what you're looking for. 

Parlays are a type of bet where you combine several bets into one single bet. Should you get all the picks right, you can increase your winnings exponentially. 

Parlay go from 2-team selections up to 12-team selections. Of course, winning means you have to get all your picks right so it's a question of balancing probabilities. 

Since you can parlay a side (spread) to a total on the same game, plenty of bettors are now choosing 2-team parlays as their bet type. 

March Madness Betting Odds, Teasers 

A "teaser," is a special kind of parlay that allows you to affect the line by a certain number of points. In NCAA college basketball lines, you can tease the line by 6, 6.5, or 7 points. The more points you tease, the smaller the payout, but in return, there's a greater likelihood you'll win the bet. There are also special teasers where you can tease the line by 7 and 9 points on three and four-team teasers. 

March Madness Live Betting Odds

If you think March Madness betting is wild, then live betting is absolutely bonkers. With March Madness live betting odds, you can bet even if the game has started already. The lines on games where live betting is available are updated as the game is played. 

March Madness Betting Tips 

It takes skill and strategy to make money betting on March Madness, but you don't have to be genius to win a few bets. When the tournament starts, the average bettor won't have much of a strategy to make their picks. But, as teams advance into the following stages, the selections are both clearer and trickier. Sweet 16 odds are harder to beat than Elite Eight odds, and the Final Four odds may even be easier. 

Something which you should remember is that in March Madness betting you're not really trying to beat the sportsbook. 

Rather, because of the size of the betting market, you're trying to find value in lines as they're moved based on the public betting money. 

Sportsbooks are constantly adjusting lines to balance the risk and not have too much money on one team versus the other. In general, because the public tends to overvalue favorites, you might want to find opportunities where you consider the line on the underdog has more value. 

This is true both in specific games as it is in futures; take a look at teams that may be underrated and could turn out to be Cinderella teams that can go all the way to the championship game as Gonzaga did a few years ago. 

Another strategy to find value is in games that pit lower-numbered seeds with middle-seeded teams. Though it's not always the case, some top-seeded teams may not live up to the hype and attention they've received throughout the season which opens up upset opportunities for higher-seeded teams that are playing much better. 

This should give you everything you need to get going with betting on the NCAA tournament. You have gained knowledge of how to bet on March Madness which should make your March Madness picks easier.

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