Dear customer, please be informed as from Tuesday, September 19th, 2017, All Soccer Games will display the Away Team on Top and the Home Team at the Bottom of the match up line details.
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Pro hockey is not only one of the most exciting sports of all to watch and wager on, it is also a sport that offers many different betting options and factors to take into account.

Stanley in Your Future?

Futures wagering is a highly popular way to bet on the NHL Lines.  With futures betting, you simply take or lay odds on a team to win the Stanley Cup, or win its conference championship.  This is a great way to “have action” for an entire season while making a single wager.  Beyond that, it is fun for many handicappers to try and find that “diamond in the rough” surprise team that nobody is expecting to win the Cup. 

Single Game Wagering

And of course you can bet the NHL Lines on an almost daily basis from October through June provided there is no work stoppage as hockey has one of the longest combined regular and post seasons of any sport.

You can bet the moneyline on each game in which you lay or take odds on a team against its opponents, and you can also bet totals, also known as “over / unders” in which you wager on whether or not the combined score of a game between the two teams exceeds or stays under the set number posted by BetPhoenix Sportsbook.


The NHL is comprised of two very different seasons as the regular season is a grind of 82 games per team, while the playoffs are the most intense and exciting of any professional sport and are often ripe with upsets in which bottom seeded teams will often upset highly favored top seeded teams.

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