NBA Finals Game 6 Betting Odds: Can Warriors Force a Seventh Game?

NBA Finals Game 6 Betting Odds: Can Warriors Force a Seventh Game?

Canadians just experienced the most thrilling game ever, and the Raptors’ 106-105 loss at home is making NBA Finals Game 6 Betting Odds very interesting.

Fans of the Toronto team were expecting to celebrate the first NBA title in the history of the franchise.

But the visiting squad managed to ruin those hopes, and now things are moving to Oracle Arena for game six, where the locals will try to even the series, and force a seventh game.

NBA Finals Game 6 Betting Odds: Game 5 Quick Analysis

The Warriors led for most of the game, but the Raptors put up a furious performance during the last quarter, going 103-97 with less than 4 minutes to play on the clock.

Kawhi Leonard finished the game with 26 points, 10 of those in the very final minutes of the match. And his teammates helped a lot, with six Toronto players finishing the game with double digits.

Stephen Curry returned to his usual great shape, scoring 31 points. And the secret of the Warriors victory was definitely their 3-pointers, as they finished the game with 20.

This marked the first appearance of Kevin Durant during the finals, and he looked good during the first quarter, as he and Curry scored 25 of his team’s 34 first-quarter points.

With that said, the player got injured again, lasting only 12 minutes on the court, to then being forced to leave the match early in the second quarter.

The Warriors then reported that the 30-year-old small forward won’t be seeing action again, as it was confirmed that he suffered an Achilles tendon injury.

And, considering that free agency is around the corner, many are wondering if this was the last appearance of KD dressed as a Warrior.

Game Six Preview

Now, if you’re looking for NBA Finals Game 6 Betting Odds, this quick preview of the game it’s just what you need to make your picks.

Although they’ll be playing at home, the Warriors are tired, and that showed during game 5.

They also missed reserve center Kevon Looney during the second half, as the player is dealing with chest and shoulder injuries.

So, chances are that they won’t be at their best, even when they hold court advantage for this particular match.

Plus, they’re going against the Raptors, a team that managed to beat the Bucks, the best NBA team of the current season, four straight times, and that means that a very close match is expected.

But despite their poor form, Golden State fans definitely expect their team to play just like a finals team, and force a seventh game.

If you’re an NBA fan, and are eager to watch this match, why not making things more interesting by getting some NBA betting action! Best of luck with your picks.