Dak Prescott Biography: From Rookie Star to Accomplished Starting Quarterback

The NFL is approaching, and so it’s a good time to present you with a Dak Prescott Biography, as he’s one of the top prospects for the upcoming season.


Dak Prescott Biography: Early Years, College

Dak Prescott started his career playing for the Buccaneers at Haughton High School, Louisiana.

As a senior there, he managed to complete 159 of 258 passes and finished with 39 touchdowns.

He was also able to lead his team to acquire the 2010 District 1-AAAA Championship.

Then, he moved on to play for Mississippi State, starting as a backup for Tyler Russell back in 2012.

On 2013, he was again the backup for Russell, but when the latter suffered a concussion, he assumed the starting role.

That same year, he was crowned as the MVP after leading the Bulldogs to a 44-7 victory over the Rice Owls.

2014 was his first year as a full-time starter, helping Mississippi State to acquire a 10-2 record, and leading the team to the Orange Bowl.

And that same year, he managed to break 10 school records.

2015 got even better for Prescott, as he joined Colin Kaepernick, Dan LeFevour, and Tim Tebow as the only four players in FBS history to pass for 60 touchdowns.

In total, he holds 38 school records. Impressive to say the least!


Dak Prescott Biography: Rookie Year

Dak Prescott was not the first plan of the Cowboys as they wanted to get either Connor Cook or Paxton Lynch to develop behind Tony Romo.

But after failing to sign either of those two, they ended with a very lucky choice: picking Prescott as the 135th overall during the fourth round, signing him on a four-year deal.

He began his career with Dallas as their third-string quarterback, but soon after Kellen Moore suffered a right tibia injury, Prescott was allowed to compete against 2nd-year QB Jameill Showers for the backup position.

Some reports say that Jameill outperformed Prescott at training camp, but still, the coaching staff at Dallas gave the latter the chance to start at the team’s preseason opener versus the Rams.

Although the Cowboys lost that game 28-24, Prescott managed to complete two touchdown passes in just one half of action.

The player ended up being very impressive, with each one of his pre-season performances, earning him a lot of trust and admiration.


Becoming The Starting Quarterback with Impressive Winning Streak

Then, it came the lucky moment Prescott was waiting for: a chance to become the starter.

This happened after Tony Romo suffered a season-ending injury during a match against the Seahawks on the third pre-season week.

The first official start for Prescott came on September 2016 on a home game against the Giants, becoming the first rookie to start for Dallas at the quarterback position since Quincy Carter did it back in 2001.

He lost that first game but won the second one against the Redskins, and then he threw his first NFL touchdown during week 3 on a 31-17 win over the Bears.

He then threw for two more touchdowns against the 49ers, allowing his team to win that match by 24-17.

Next, he threw for a touchdown during a 28-14 win of Dallas over the Bengals at week 5.

And the victories and the personal good results continued to roll for Prescott as he threw for three touchdowns during a 30-16 victory over the Packers at week 6.


Good Results Continued After Bye Week

Then, after their bye week, the Cowboys faced the Eagles, and Prescott was outstanding once again, throwing for 2 touchdowns and rushing for one more on a 29-23 overtime win for Dallas.

The good times continued for Prescott and his team during week 9 as he threw for 3 touchdowns during a 35-10 win over the Browns.

One more victory for Dallas came during the following week as they beat the Steelers by 35-30 with another three touchdowns for the rookie.

And the amazing winning streak continued for the Cowboys during week 11 as Prescott threw for another 3 touchdowns, allowing his team to beat the Ravens 27-17.

This streak didn’t stop there, as they beat the Redskins 31-26 during the Thanksgiving game, with two touchdowns from Prescott.

This last performance was so impressive that he was named Offensive Rookie of the Month.

Next, Prescott threw one more touchdown during a 17-15 win of the Cowboys over the Vikings.

Then, it came the second loss of the season for Dallas as they lost their week 14 match versus the Giants by 10-7, but still, Prescott played very well during that match, and scored the only touchdown for his team.

Everything returned to normal for the Cowboys during week 15 as they beat the Buccaneers 26-20 with a rushing touchdown from Prescott.

Another victory came during week 16 versus the Lions by 42-21, with another 3 touchdowns from Prescott.

Then, Dallas decided to rest some starters during week 17, which led the team to lose this match versus the Eagles 27-13, in what it was a game with no touchdowns for the rising star.

Despite that loss, the team finished with a 13-3 record, allowing the Cowboys to clinch the NFC East title.

And, after such an amazing season, Prescott was given a ticket for the Pro Bowl and was named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year.


Dak Prescott Biography: 2017 Season

Now we continue our Dak Prescott Biography with some info on how well the QB performed during the 2017 season.

Prescott started his second professional season with a 19-3 win over the Giants, throwing for a single touchdown.

Then, despite throwing for two touchdowns, his team lost their second match of the season against the Broncos 42-17.

These are the rest of the results for the Cowboys and Prescott during the 2017 season:

Week 3, Arizona Cardinals: two passing touchdowns, and one rushing touchdown during a 28–17 win.

Week 4, Los Angeles Rams: three passing touchdowns in a 35–30 loss.

Week 5, Green Bay Packers: three touchdowns, one rushing touchdown in a 35–31 loss.

Week 6, San Francisco 49ers: three touchdown passes in a 40–10 victory.

Weeks 7 and 8: victories over the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Week 9: Bad news for Dallas as they lost running back Ezekiel Elliot due to a six-game suspension. They lost this game 24-17.

Week 10: Prescott's team lost to the Eagles 37-9.

Week 11: The Cowboys continued to struggle, losing to the Chargers 28-6.

Despite this set of losses, Dallas remained alive, and two touchdowns by Prescott gave the Cowboys a much needed 38-14 victory over the Redskins.

Another 30-10 win came versus the Giants, with Prescott throwing for 3 touchdowns.

And, with a rushing touchdown, Prescott helped his team win their match against the Raiders by 20-17.

And lastly, during Week 16, the team suffered a 21-12 loss to the Seahawks, which eliminated Dallas from postseason contention.


Dak Prescott Biography: 2018 Season

Next in our Dak Prescott Biography is info on the performance of the quarterback and the Cowboys during the 2018 season.

Week 1: 16–8 loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Week 2: Victory for Dallas over the Giants with a touchdown by Prescott.

Week 3: Loss to the Seahawks.

Week 4: Two touchdowns for Prescott on a 26-24 win over the Lions

Week 5: One touchdown on a 19-16 overtime loss to the Texans.

Week 6: Prescott finished with two passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown on an impressive 40-7 victory over the Jaguars.

After these games, the team suffered losses to the Redskins and the Titans, and then Prescott helped Dallas to beat the Eagles 27-20 with one passing and one rushing touchdown.

This is the time when the Cowboys managed to acquire Amari Cooper, a great receiving target for Prescott.

During week 11, Dallas managed to beat the Redskins by 31-23 with two passing and one rushing touchdown for the third-year accomplished quarterback.

Then during week 13, Prescott finished a match against the Saints with one passing touchdown in what ended up being a 10-1 win for the Cowboys.

On week 14, Prescott scored 3 touchdowns in what it was a very impressive 29-23 overtime win over the Eagles.

Then, after one loss to the Colts and another win to the Bucs, the Cowboys managed to get the NFC East title for the second time in 3 seasons.

And, after some great playoff performances, Prescott was given his second ticket to the Pro Bowl.


Dak Prescott Biography: From Rookie to $30 Million Contract

Dak Prescott is a legitimate franchise quarterback, period.

And the people behind the Dallas team knows that players like him don’t come easy.

For that reason, they are prepared to offer the new NFL star an extension to his rookie contract that approaches the $30 million per year figure.

And the player is happy with this decision as he has expressed a wish to continue to play for the Cowboys for the rest of his career.

This is good for Dallas, and they really have no option since Mike White and Cooper Rush are not nearly as talented as Prescott.

So, it seems like Romo is out, and Prescott is in, for good!

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