Stanley Cup Final Game 6 Preview: No Favorites for This Match

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Stanley Cup Final Game 6 Preview: No Favorites for This Match

Our Stanley Cup Final Game 6 Preview offers you information on the current series, and also about why there are no clear favorites for this particular match.

Yes, the Blues are favs on paper, but there are many factors that will play in favor, or against the locals.

Stanley Cup Final Game 6 Preview: The Series So Far

The Bruins opened the series with home advantage, getting the first match 4-2 at TD Garden.

But then the Blues were able to come up with an impressive overtime 3-2 win, matching the series heading to Enterprise Center, where the Bruins took the lead again thanks to a convincing 7-2 victory.

The home team was then able to even the series with a 4-2 win.

The last victory of the series came at TD Garden for St. Louis by 2-1, and now the Blues are headed to Enterprise Center, where they’ll try to make history by winning the first NHL trophy for its franchise.

Victory Can Go to Any Side

Although the Blues have won two games in a row, oddsmakers are not giving them the win for sure.

This is because they’re going against a rival that’s very credible when it comes to away wins, having gotten seven victories on the road during the 2019 NHL playoffs.

Plus, the team from Boston already won at Enterprise Center, and St. Louis is just 6-6 on their home ice during the playoffs.

The Bruins were also very challenging during the fifth game of the series, despite losing the match at the end.

Current State of Both Teams

This Stanley Cup Final Game 6 Preview also includes info on the current state of both franchises:

St Louis Blues:

Jordan Binnington’s performance during game five was amazing, as he managed to stop 38 of the 39 shots from Boston.

Furthermore, Ryan O’Really was just as impressive during game five as he was during game four (two goals), finishing the match with a goal and an assist.

And after two straight wins, the 7-2 loss they suffered at their own home ice seems like ancient history.

Boston Bruins:

The Bruins weren’t very happy about the refereeing during game five, as they believe a miscue led St. Louis to score the second goal that gave them the victory.

Plus, they’ve lost 3 of their last 4, and are now at the brink of getting eliminated.

The team is 7-2 on the road at the playoffs in its last 9 matches, and it will take a big effort on their part to force a seventh game.

So, the Bruins are forced to get a win, and they have the human talent to get it done. But they’re facing a team that has made it this far against all odds.

And the reality is that there aren’t clear favorites for this match, which means that the victory can indeed go for any side this time around.

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