2022 Final Four Betting Odds

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The Final Four is one of the most popular college basketball betting events at BetPhoenix sportsbook online every year. The Super Bowl and March Madness betting action get a lot of attention from bettors around the world. Let’s take a look at Final Four betting odds and dates for the 2022 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

2022 Final Four Betting Schedule

The 2022 Final Four will take place on the first Saturday of April. You can watch the games on CBS.

NCAAB Final 4 Betting Odds

The 2022 NCAA Tournament will wrap up with the Final Four . The NCAA Basketball Championship Game is played two days later on Monday. The NCAA Tournament gets a ton of action at the sportsbook and Final Four betting odds are a big part of that action. There are two games on Saturday in the Final Four and then the title game on Monday.

When you consider Final Four betting odds, you should be aware that the public loves to bet on the favorites. It is similar to Super Bowl odds, where the public likes to bet the favorite and the over. What happens a lot with Final Four betting odds is that the better team wins but doesn’t always cover the spread. Experienced teams usually win in the Final Four but, sometimes they are overvalued in Final Four betting odds. You have teams like Duke, North Carolina, and Kentucky that get the bulk of the action. Rarely in college basketball betting do the marquee teams do well for you when they are favored, so keep that in mind.

Many people believe that the NCAA Tournament is the best event of the sports betting year. Unlike the Super Bowl, the NCAA Tournament has multiple games and many chances to win money. There is no single event like the Super Bowl, but March Madness odds are available over multiple weeks so it is unique in that respect.

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Final Four Betting Odds, Point Spreads

One of college basketball betting enthusiasts' favorite bet types is point spreads. This type of bet has the best cent line with a 20 cent line in most cases. This means you will need to risk less on each bet compared to moneylines.

BetPhoenix will post up a line where one team is the favorite to win by a margin called the spread. For your bet to win you must cover the spread.

Michigan State -3.5 -130

LSU +3.5 +110

In the previous example, if you were to bet on Michigan State, they must win by 4 or more points to cover the spread of -3.5. Since they are heavy favorites you must also risk $130 to win $100.

If you chose to bet on LSU, they would need to win straight up or lose by fewer than 3 points to cover the spread. Also, you would have to risk $100 to win $110.

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Final Four Betting Odds, Moneylines

Final Four moneylines are an easier way to bet on your favorite NCAA basketball games. In this type of bet, the score is not as important as in point spreads. When you bet on any team, what matters is that they win the game, no matter by how many points.

Michigan State -225

LSU +165

As you can see, there are points involved in the line, and you have a bigger 60 cent line. You will need to risk more if you bet on the favorite, but if there is an upset, you can win a lot more by betting on the underdog.

In this example, you have to risk $225 to win $100 if you bet on Michigan State, and you only risk $100 to win $165 if you bet on LSU.

Final Four Betting Odds, Over/Under Totals

Betting on Final Four Over Under bets, also called totals, is a lot of fun. In this type of bet what matters is the final score of the game. You add the total points by each team and that is the value that matters on Final Four Over/Under bets.

o130 -130

u130 +110

In the example above, it is predicted that the game will go over a total combined score of 130 points. Since this is more probable, the line shows it as the favorite. If you want to bet on the over, you must risk $130 to win $100, and the final score must be 131 or more for you to win. If you bet on the under, you only risk $100 to win $110, and the final score must be 129 or less. If the final score is exactly 130, the bet pushes, and it is considered no action. All money is returned.

Final Four Betting Odds, Parlays

Final Four parlays are a great way to multiplicate your winnings, but it comes with additional risk. In parlays, you combine different odds into a single bet. You can combine moneylines, point spreads, and totals.

Following the same Michigan State vs LSU example, if you chose Michigan -225 and the u130 +110. For you to win the parlay, Michigan State must win and the final score must be less than 130. If you lose any of those two bets, you lose the entire parlay. There are cases in which one of the bets pushes, for example, if the final score was 130. In that case, that bet is scratched. The parlay becomes a straight bet with just the moneyline and the payout will be based on the moneyline and not the parlay.

Final Four Betting Odds, Teasers

Final Four teasers are designed to help you move the line in your favor for combined bets. It's similar to parlays, but you get more favorable odds. The more teams you add the more points you can receive, but they come at a higher price.

Below are two tables that explain how the odds are adjusted depending on the number of teams you add. Keep in mind teasers can only be used on point spreads and totals on basketball and football bets.

Mixed Regular Teasers

2 TEAMS-125-135-145
3 TEAMS+150+130+120
4 TEAMS+245+220+190
5 TEAMS+400+375+325
6 TEAMS+550+500+475
7 TEAMS+800+700+600
8 TEAMS+900+800+700

Mixed Special Teasers

3 TEAMS10 / 7 PTS-120

13 / 9 PTS


Final Four Betting Odds, Prop Bets

Final Four prop bets are some of the most fun bet types available at BetPhoenix. In this bet type, we will offer all kinds of proposition bets on every game. Some of the most popular bets are what team will win the toss-up, which team scores first or scores last, player with the most points in the game, player with the most assists or rebounds. Player with the most 3-pointers or FGs. Register now at BetPhoenix and visit our March Madness odds section to enjoy the best Final Four betting odds and prop bets.

basketball 2022 Final Four Betting Odds

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