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There are many different online sports gambling sites where you can make a wager on baseball. When you want action, we like to think that we are your best choice. Not only do we offer some of the best baseball betting lines out there, but we also offer a complete menu of baseball betting options.

Wagering Information

Wagering options include the standard run line bets and the over/under or game total bets. We offer straight wagers as well as parlays. Many people enjoy placing proposition bets. At BetPhoenix Sportsbook, some of the prop bets that you can play include who will win a baseball series, the total runs scored in the first 5 innings, which team will score first, and the total number of hits, runs, and errors.

Another type of popular wager where we offer great baseball odds are future bets. You can choose to make a small wager on who you think will win the World Series and if you are right, the payoff can be substantial.

One thing that sets us apart from some of the other sports betting services is that we allow you to get live action after the game has already begun. Odds are given for a variety of outcomes as the game progresses. If you happen to be watching a game and it is in the 3rd inning, you can satisfy your craving for some immediate action by taking advantage of this service.

Before you place any bet, you should first familiarize yourself with all of the different types of bets that you can make. You should understand how baseball lines work and which type of bet has the best chance of paying off. Veteran bettors will look for certain situations where the posted baseball odds are most favorable to the bet that they are contemplating. Understanding the terminology and rules of MLB betting will help you be more successful with your baseball wagers.

Money Lines

Unlike professional or college football, there are no point spreads when betting on baseball. Instead, your baseball odds are based around the number 100 or one dollar.

The favorite is always expressed with a number over 100 that has a negative or minus sign in front of the figure. The underdog is always expressed as a positive number over 100 with a plus in front of the figure.

To make the explanation a little bit easier to understand, it is helpful to provide an example. Consider a baseball game between the heavily favored NY Yankees and the Cleveland Indians.

A typical money line might read as follows:

Cleveland Indians +180 at NY Yankees -160

If you bet on the Yankees to win the game, you must wager $160 for a chance to win $100. Conversely, if you expect the Indians to win, for every $100 you bet, you have a chance to win $180. As you can see, the odds are less than even money for the favorite and more than even money for the underdog.

There is a hidden cost built into every money line bet. It is called the "vig" or the vigorish. That is the amount that the bookmaker or establishment offering the bet earns on each bet regardless of the outcome of the game. In other words, it is an additional amount above the true odds on the game.

In the above example, there is what is known as a 20-cent line. That means that the house takes a bigger cut than if they were offering a 10-cent or dime line. You can tell the type of line by taking the difference in the expressed line. Ignore the plus or minus symbol in front of the odds. Thus, the difference of 20 cents (180 – 160) in the Yankee – Indian game shows that there is a 20-cent line.

Smart bettors will always choose to make their wagers at a site like BetPhoenix that offers a dime line.

You get a better payoff when you wager with a dime line. A dime line bet would look as follows:

Cleveland Indians +170 at NY Yankees -160


The pitcher has the biggest role in determining the outcome of the game. A star pitcher on a bad team can often make his team the favorite against a team with a superior record that is not starting as good a pitcher.

In a Listed Pitcher wager, both pitchers that are listed as starters must start the game. For the bet to be accepted, each pitcher must pitch the first pitch of the game for his respective team.

Specifying the Pitcher is a bet where only the listed starting pitcher for the team you are wagering on must make the first pitch. It does not matter who the other team's starting pitcher happens to be.

Run Lines

This adds an additional calculation to the basic money line bet. In order to win the bet, the final score does matter. Runs are expressed as a fraction such as +1.5 or -1.5 runs. To win this type of bet, the favorite must win by at least 2 runs, or the underdog must either win the game outright or lose by only 1 run.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how betting on baseball works, you are ready to make your first wager. Remember there are odds for the regular season and MLB playoff odds. We post lines well in advance of the actual game.

When baseball season is over, you can still bet on all the other sports at BetPhoenix or, if you prefer, visit our very exciting online casino for some very realistic and fast action.

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