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UEFA Europa League Betting Odds, Prop Bets

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The UEFA Europa League, often referred to as the younger sibling of the prestigious UEFA Champions League, is the second-tier European football competition and constitutes an attractive platform for upcoming teams, capturing the attention of fans with its exciting matches and unexpected results. Initially named the UEFA Cup and established in 1971, the tournament has transformed over time into one of European football's most esteemed events. 

As the UEFA Europa League continues to evolve, it remains a crucial fixture in the football calendar, providing moments of brilliance, upsets, and drama that captivate fans across the globe. The upcoming editions are poised to maintain this tradition, with potential format changes and new contenders vying for their place in European football history.
Betting on the UEFA Europa League odds is an exciting way to expand your soccer fandom internationally and take part in the excitement of this highly competitive league. Take the time to do your research on the teams and all the available UEFA Europa League betting lines options. Many top-class professional domestic soccer leagues operate all around the globe. This may initially seem overwhelming in terms of drilling down and finding the best betting options. That is why BetPhoenix has put together a definitive guide to the top world leagues for soccer betting odds for you.

Placing your UEFA Europa League Bets with BetPhoenix.ag can be a lucrative and exciting venture, especially if you dedicate some time to doing your research. This guide is one of the many helpful resources that BetPhoenix provides to help you take full advantage of the variety of UEFA Europa League Bets available and increase your chances of winning.

What is the UEFA Europa League?

The UEFA Europa League, formerly the UEFA Cup, is a yearly football tournament organized by the UEFA Union of European Football Associations. Inaugurated in 1971, it underwent a rebranding in 2009, evolving into a highly anticipated and prestigious event. The tournament provides a stage for clubs that failed to qualify for the top-level UEFA Champions League but performed well domestically, offering them a chance to compete at the continental level.

The UEFA Europa League, previously named the UEFA Cup, has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1971. It was introduced to replace the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, which ran from 1955 to 1971. The UEFA Cup initially served as the third-tier competition until the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup was merged with it in 1999.

The UEFA Champions League was conceived in the classic straight knockout cup style tournament for league champions only. Even when the UEFA Champions League was renamed for the 1992-93 season, it remained a competition for domestic champions only. The role of the UEFA Cup, now the UEFA Europa League, was to reward those clubs who had done well in their leagues in the previous campaign but hadn't actually won the title. Many observers argued during that period that this was actually sometimes the strongest European competition, as there were more teams from the major leagues competing. The UEFA Champions League is no longer just for the champions. The current European competition system means that qualification is heavily weighted in favor of the top leagues based on the UEFA coefficient, which ranks all European leagues. 

The format of the tournament has changed significantly over the years. A group stage was introduced before the knockout round in the 2004-05 season. In 2009, the tournament underwent a rebranding, merging with the UEFA Intertoto Cup, resulting in an expanded group stage and a change in qualifying criteria. This marked the birth of the UEFA Europa League as we know it today.

Qualification for the UEFA Europa League is based on clubs' performance in their national leagues and cup competitions. The UEFA Europa League champion earns a spot in the following season's UEFA Super Cup and gains entry into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League.

The UEFA Europa League unfolds through a carefully crafted format comprising a qualification phase, group stage, and knockout rounds involving 32 teams. The preliminary stage features clubs from diverse footballing backgrounds, each competing for a spot in the main tournament.

The main competition starts with a group stage where clubs are strategically grouped and compete in a round-robin format. This is followed by knockout rounds—Knockout Rounds Qualifier, Round of 16, quarter-finals, and semi-finals—where the excitement intensifies in thrilling two-legged ties. The climax of the format is a single-match final, a grand spectacle that crowns the ultimate champion and captures the essence of the tournament.

How to Bet on the UEFA Europa League

BetPhoenix.ag not only offers you the best UEFA Europa League Odds, but we also provide you with many helpful tools, like this UEFA Europa League odds guide, to introduce you to the numerous moneymaking opportunities available when betting on the UEFA Europa League betting lines, helping you improve your chances of winning.


UEFA Europa League Point Spread

The UEFA Europa League Point Spreads bets, similarly to other major sports like football, baseball, and basketball, are based on a handicapped margin of victory established on a projected game result. If a UEFA Europa League betting lines show a point spread of 1.5 for an upcoming game, the favorite team (-1.5) must win by at least two goals for your bet to be a winner, while betting on the underdog (+1.5) can lose by one goal, tie the game or win outright for your bet to be a win. The .5 fraction is used to avoid a push in the wagers.

This is an example of a UEFA Europa League Point Spread, as you would find it listed in BetPhoenix:

  • Team - Points Spread Odds
  • Sevilla -1.5
  • Roma +1.5

In this case, the -1.5 points spread indicates that Sevilla is the favorite to win by a margin of two goals against Roma. Conversely, Roma is the underdog and can lose by a margin of less than two goals. These are the likely results of this bet:

  • Sevilla wins by two or more goals: Sevilla bettors win.
  • Sevilla wins by one goal: Roma bettors win.
  • The game is a draw/tie: Roma bettors win.
  • Roma wins the game: Roma bettors win.

UEFA Europa League Moneyline

UEFA Europa League Moneyline is always the most straightforward betting option. Your pick reflects who you expect to be the outright winner of the game. A negative odds value indicates the favorite, while a positive value indicates an underdog. UEFA Europa League Moneyline uses a $100 base American odds system, in which larger numbers indicate a stronger favorite or weaker underdog.

The two-way UEFA Europa League Moneyline, in which the UEFA Europa League betting lines are focused on either one of the two sides winning, removing the impact of a tie or draw, in which case the bet would be a push. There is also a three-way UEFA Europa League Moneyline, in which the UEFA Europa League betting lines offer odds values for the home team winning, the visitor team winning, or the match ending in a draw or tie.

This is an example of a Two-Way UEFA Europa League Moneyline, as you would find it listed in BetPhoenix:

  • Team - Moneyline
  • Sevilla -210
  • Roma +160

In this case, if you bet to win $100 on Sevilla -210, as favorites, you would need to risk $210, while betting $100 on Roma +160 as an underdog, you would receive $160 if Roma wins the game. If the match ends in a tie, the wager would be a push, which means the bet is voided and refunded.

This is an example of a Three-Way UEFA Europa League Moneyline, as you would find it listed in BetPhoenix:

  • Team - Moneyline
  • Sevilla -180
  • Draw +350
  • Roma
  • +275

In this case, if you bet to win $100 on Sevilla -180 as favorites, you would need to risk $180. Betting $100 on the draw +350, you would receive $350 if the game ends in a tie. And betting $100 on Roma +275 as an underdog, you would receive $275 if Roma wins the game.

At BetPhoenix, our UEFA Europa League odds will give you the best available Moneyline prices and the tightest point spread odds offered by any sportsbook.

UEFA Europa League Over/Under Totals

The UEFA Europa League Totals bet is based on a projected final score that includes both teams, independently on which side wins. UEFA Europa League Totals are represented in an Over/Under set, where you can pick if you expect this result to be over or under this estimated line.

This is an example of a UEFA Europa League Over/Under Totals as you would find it listed in BetPhoenix:

  • UEFA Europa League Totals – Sevilla vs. Roma
  • Total: 2.5
  • Over odds: -300
  • Under odds: +240

In this case, the UEFA Europa League Over/Under of 2.5 means that if the match ends with a combined score of three or more goals, the Over wins; if the total score is two or less, the Under wins. If you bet to win $100 on the Over -300, you would need to risk $300 and win if the game ends with 3 goals or more. Betting $100 on the Under +240, you would receive $240 if the game ends with 2 goals or less.

UEFA Europa League Parlays

UEFA Europa League Parlay is a wager type in which two or more UEFA Europa League betting lines are combined to form a single wager with a considerably higher payout. However, all selected UEFA Europa League betting lines must win for the parlay wager to win. You can combine point spreads, moneylines, over/under totals, and other wagers. You can also combine favorites and underdogs. The more bets you add to your UEFA Europa League parlay, the odds multiply accordingly in your favor.

Using the example, a two-line UEFA Europa League Parlay could be as follows:

  • Sevilla -180
  • Sevilla vs. Roma Total: Under 2.5 +240

By combining the Sevilla Moneyline -180 and Total Under 2.5 +240 for the Sevilla vs. Roma game on a 2-team parlay risking $100, the combined odds would be +429 with a payout for this parlay of $528.90, about 5 times your bet, instead of risking $100 to bet on each separately.

UEFA Europa League Prop Bets

UEFA Europa League prop bets are one of the most exciting ways to bet on the outcome of the games. The most popular German Bundesliga Prop Bets include many possibilities. Team prop bets include lines to bet on which team will score first, how many shots on goal will be made, how many corner kicks will occur, how many cards will be sanctioned, and a long etcetera. Player props bets include who will score a goal during the game, who will score the first goal of the match, who will score multiple goals, how many shots on goal a player will make, etc.

Take the time to check all available props on Betphoenix.ag, and you'll find many attractive options to increase your betting repertoire.

Which Teams Have Won the Most UEFA Europa League Titles?

Spanish clubs boast the highest number of victories in the competition, with 14 wins, followed by English and Italian teams with nine wins each, while German teams have won the trophy on seven occasions.

Sevilla, from Spain, is the most successful club in the UEFA Europa League, with an impressive seven titles in 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020, and 2023. 

Atletico de Madrid, Inter Milan, Juventus and Liverpool share the second place with three titles each. At the same time, nine teams have won the trophy twice: Borussia Mönchengladbach, Chelsea, Eintracht Frankfurt, Feyenoord, IFK Göteborg, Parma, Porto, Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur.

Here you'll find the list of the UEFA Europa League champions in the last ten seasons up to 2023:

  • 2022–23 - Sevilla (7th)
  • 2021–22 - Eintracht Frankfurt (2nd)
  • 2020–21 - Villarreal  
  • 2019–20 - Sevilla (6th)
  • 2018–19 - Chelsea (2nd)
  • 2017–18 - Atlético Madrid (3rd)
  • 2016–17 - Manchester United 
  • 2015–16 - Sevilla (5th)
  • 2014–15 - Sevilla (4th)  
  • 2013–14 - Sevilla (3rd)  
  • 2012–13 - Chelsea  
  • 2011–12 - Atlético Madrid (2nd)  
  • 2010–11 - Porto (2nd)  
  • 2009–10 - Atlético Madrid

Betting on the UEFA Europa League in BetPhoenix is an entertaining way to take your sports fandom to the next level. Sign up to BetPhoenix.ag for Sportsbook, Live Casino, Virtual Casino, Lottery, and Racebook. All in one!

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