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2023 Triple Crown Betting Odds

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The Triple Crown is one of the most iconic sports events ever, not only in terms of the USA but also for Horse Racing worldwide.

The Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes are the races that form the Triple Crown. However, it doesn't just consist of winning the three races. Also, the horses must achieve this at three different distances at three racetracks over a period of only six weeks.

Wagering on this event is as exciting as it sounds; it gives you the rush and enjoyment you're looking for, and we'll tell you everything you need to know about Triple Crown Odds and Triple Crown Live Betting Odds in this article we wrote for you.

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Triple Crown Betting

Regarding Triple Crown Live Betting Odds, you can place any of the options you have available on any of the three races. We will review each of them, so let's get started. 

At the top of the list, the three main horse racing bets are the Win bet, the Place bet, and the Show bet.

  1. Win Bet: If the horse you bet on finishes first, then you win.
  2. Place Bet: With a smaller payout than the Win Bet due to doubling your chances of winning, you win if the horse you bet on finishes either first or second.
  3. Show Bet: With a smaller payout than the Place Bet due to multiplying your chances of winning, you win if the horse you bet on finishes either first, second, or third.

Triple Crown Exacta Bets

In Triple Crown exacta bets, you must pick the top two horses from a single race for the Exacta Bet, but there's more to it than that. You must also accurately predict your two picks' finish order to win. Because it is more unpredictable than any conventional bet type, the payout for this exotic bet is considerably higher.

Triple Crown Trifecta Bets

Although the Triple Crown trifecta bets may seem more complex than the others, once you grasp it, it gets easy.

You must select three horses for the Trifecta wager for the top three spots to appear in the correct order. You will lose the wager if you pick the wrong horse or if one of your selections does not finish in the top three.

Triple Crown Prop Bets

Sometimes, a fun element can be added by placing Triple Crown prop bets. The Kentucky Derby typically has the most Triple Crown prop bets available as it is the first of the three races and may be the biggest race of them all. 

Options include the race's finish time and whether the winning saddle number will be odd or even. While the range of prop bets on the Belmont Stakes will expand if the same horse wins both the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, the Preakness Stakes prop bets will primarily focus on the winner of the Kentucky Derby.

Triple Crown Live Betting Odds

With the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes, and the Preakness Stakes being the year's major races, Triple Crown Live Betting Odds are simulcasting what both savvy and newbies on wagering look forward to.

In BetPhoenix, you can access all the Triple Crown Odds and live betting options available with the guarantee that your personal information and payment method will remain secure.

Some of the options mentioned above are the following: the win bet, the place bet, the show bet, the across bet, the exacta bet, the quinella bet, the trifecta bet, the superfecta bet, the daily double bet, pick 3, pick 4, and pick 6, the specials/prop bets, the matchups and lay wagers.

Triple Crown History

As we briefly explained at the beginning of this article, the Triple Crown refers to the three iconic American Horse Racing events: the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

The event has long been regarded as one of the most coveted and lauded accomplishments in sports. Still, by the turn of the twenty-first century, horse racing had experienced a steep decline in popularity, making it less prestigious in the eyes of the general sporting public. Though it is still challenging to pull off, only 13 horses have managed it since 1875, the first time that all three races were held concurrently.

After the American Civil War, initiatives to group races in a manner akin to the British Triple Crown were launched. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr. was the man who started the Kentucky Derby venue, Churchill Downs—tried to push for a Triple Crown centered on his Derby. Race organizers in New York concentrated on three competitions that were held there at the turn of the 20th century. 

These attempts fell short due to the racing organizations' provincialism, as each insisted that its own events were the most important. In fact, it took a long time before the socialites of the Eastern states, who largely controlled the sport, would even permit their horses to compete at Churchill Downs in the "West." 

Owner Samuel Riddle was driven by the great Man o' War's obstinacy to keep him out of the Kentucky Derby in 1920, depriving him of a likely Triple Crown. Owner Samuel Riddle also felt that the Derby was run too early in the year before young three-year-old horses had fully matured.

Charles Hatton, a Daily Racing Form columnist, played a significant role in popularizing the idea of the American Triple Crown. In the 1930s, he frequently referred to the three races as the "triple crown." As the phrase gained popularity, more and more owners and trainers started making special preparations for these competitions.

Newspapers started using the phrase frequently in the 1940s. At the Thoroughbred Racing Associations' annual awards dinner in New York in December 1950, the Triple Crown title was formally announced and retroactively given to Sir Barton, the first horse to triumph in all three competitions (1919). At the organization's ensuing annual dinners, the title was then awarded to succeeding pre-1950 winners.

Between Gallant Fox winning the Triple Crown in 1930 and Citation winning it in 1948, a period of 18 years, there was an average of one Triple Crown winner every 2 1/2 years. Before Secretariat finally won the award in 1973, there was a 25-year wait. 

Racing fans were elated by Seattle Slew's and Affirmed's consecutive Triple Crown wins in 1977 and 1978, but a subsequent lengthy dry spell began before American Pharoah's triumph in 2015. The subsequent winner could immediately proceed, as Justify succeeded three years later.

Triple Crown Past Winners

The list of the American Triple Crown champions is provided below:

1919 Sir Barton

1930 Gallant Fox

1935 Omaha

1937 War Admiral

1941 Whirlaway

1943 Count Fleet

1946 Assault

1948 Citation

1973 Secretariat

1977 Seattle Slew

1978 Affirmed

2015 American Pharoah

2018 Justify

Triple Crown FAQs

We understand if you have more questions, so don't worry; that's why we created this FAQs section:

  • When are the Triple Crown races?

The settled dates for the three races are:

  1. The Kentucky Derby: Saturday, May 6, 2023.
  2. The Preakness Stakes: Saturday, May 20, 2023.
  3. The Belmont Stakes: Saturday, June 10, 2023.
  • How many Triple Crown winners have there been?

In all these years that this racing event has been done, only thirteen horses have managed to win the Triple Crown Odds.

  • Who's the favorite to win the 2023 Triple Crown?

All eyes and Triple Crown Odds are on Mage, the American horse whose credentials will be tested to the maximum during the Triple Crown event.

Mage began his racing career at three years old at the beginning of 2023, having a victory in his first event, Maiden Special Weight. He quickly became popular, having all eyes on him.

Mage will be competing against nineteen other horses, so it will be a challenging goal to achieve, but the odds are definitely in his favor.

  • What's the best place to bet on the Triple Crown?

Even though you have numerous options out there, BetPhoenix is definitely the best place to bet on the Triple Crown Odds. You can sign up for our website from anywhere and anytime while enjoying the best odds available for each market and accessing our unique discounts and promos. Plus, you can count on our customer service, which is available to assist you twenty-four-seven.

  • Has a jockey ever won multiple Triple Crowns?

To win the Triple Crown is the life dream of any jockey, but it takes determination, talent, practice, perseverance, and, ideally, a great horse.

Throughout history, only twelve jockeys have managed to win the Triple Crown, Johnny Loftus (1919), Earl Sande (1930), Willie Saunders (1935), Charles Kurtsinger (1937), Eddie Arcaro (1941, 1948), Johnny Longden (1943), Warren Mehrtens (1946), Ron Turcotte (1973), Jean Cruguet (1977), Steve Cauthen (1978), Victor Espinoza (2015), and Mike Smith (2018).

However, there's only one jockey that has won the Triple Crown not once but twice. This legendary horse rider first won the racing event in 1941 with Whirlaway as his horse, and he did it again in 1948 while riding Citation. 

2015 Triple Crown jockey winner Victor Espinoza has been close to winning it again on two different occasions; only time will tell; you never know; maybe Espinoza will become the second jockey in history to win this challenging event twice.

  • Who won the 2022 Triple Crown?

Due to the race's difficulty, not every year may be a winner. Justify was the last horse to win the Triple Crown in 2018. There wasn't a winner in 2022.

  • Why is the Triple Crown so difficult to win?

The Triple Crown, consisting of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes, is regarded as one of the most challenging feats in horse racing. Only 13 horses in the sport's history have accomplished this prestigious achievement, making it a true testament to equine excellence. The difficulty of winning the Triple Crown stems from several factors that converge to create an arduous and demanding journey.

Firstly, the Triple Crown races are all held within a span of just five weeks. This compressed timeline places immense physical and mental strain on the competing horses. The grueling nature of the races, with their varying distances and track conditions, tests the endurance and adaptability of the contenders. The Kentucky Derby spans 1.25 miles, while the Preakness Stakes covers 1.1875 miles. The Belmont Stakes' final leg is the longest at 1.5 miles. Maintaining top form and energy throughout this intense series is a monumental challenge.

Secondly, the competition faced in each of the Triple Crown races is exceptionally fierce. The fields are composed of the finest three-year-old thoroughbreds worldwide, all vying for the same coveted title. The sheer number of entrants, combined with the high caliber of horses, increases the difficulty of winning. 

The Kentucky Derby, with its maximum field size of 20 horses, often creates a chaotic and crowded race that demands both skill and luck to navigate successfully. The Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes also attract strong contenders, as trainers and owners strategically choose their horses based on their strengths and suitability for each race.

Moreover, the unpredictable nature of horse racing adds an element of uncertainty to the Triple Crown challenge. Even the most talented and well-prepared horse can encounter setbacks, such as injuries, poor track conditions, or unexpected tactical maneuvers by competitors. 

Each race has its own special and unique characteristics and demands, requiring trainers and jockeys to make crucial decisions on the spot. The ability to adapt to unforeseen circumstances while maintaining peak performance is a crucial attribute for Triple Crown hopefuls.

Furthermore, the history and mystique surrounding the Triple Crown intensify the pressure on contenders. The weight of expectations, both from fans and the racing community, can be overwhelming. The Triple Crown has been an elusive prize, with long gaps between winners, heightening the desire to witness a new champion.

 The emotional and psychological burdens placed on trainers, jockeys, and owners can be immense, as they carry the hopes and dreams of many.

In conclusion, the Triple Crown's difficulty arises from the rigorous schedule, fierce competition, unpredictability, and the weight of expectations. These factors combine to create an immense challenge for any horse and its team. 

The pursuit of this illustrious title requires a unique blend of exceptional talent, physical prowess, tactical understanding, and unwavering determination. Only the rarest of champions can conquer the Triple Crown, solidifying their place in the annals of horse racing history.

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