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House Rules

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House Rules including the differences between phone betting and betting online can be found here.

  1. All services provided by BetPhoenix Sportsbook are intended for recreational players, and we reserve the right to refuse, limit or close any customer account if it’s found not to be a recreational player.
  2. BetPhoenix Sportsbook allows only one (1) account per person, per household, per IP address and shared computer environment such as a public library.
  3. You must be at least 18 years of age or older and of legal age in your jurisdiction to use our services.
  4. Customers contacting our representatives will be asked to identify themselves providing their registered user and password credentials.
  5. All Customer claims must be brought to management's attention no later than (1) one week from the day the wager in question was placed. No claims will be honored after this period.
  6. Claim resolution will normally be achieved within 24 hours of having received the complaint.
  7. Generally, postponed and/or rescheduled sporting events will constitute a No Action Wager, and money will be credited back to the account once the game has been officially postponed. Certain sports have exceptions such as Soccer, Tennis and Golf matchups where wagers may be valid for 24 to 48 hours. See our sports rules for more information.
  8. All wagers must be placed and accepted before the start of the event wagered upon. Any bet placed after the event has started will be void unless approved by a manager.
  9. BetPhoenix's management reserves the right to refuse or limit the maximum amount allowed on any wager prior to acceptance of such wager. Members are not permitted to open multiple accounts either in their name or someone else’s in order to circumvent the limits imposed by our wagering staff. If multiple accounts are used all bets will be void and profits will be reversed.
  10. All horse wagers must be placed two (2) minutes prior to the start of the race.
  11. BetPhoenix Sportsbook reserves the right to suspend any of its products at any time. When a product is suspended any wagers entered will be rejected. BetPhoenix Sportsbook also reserves the right to cease wagering on any of its products indefinitely any time without notice.
  12. In the case of an obvious error on the posted line, scheduled time, or maximum wager, all wagers will be deemed “no action", and funds will be credited accordingly. No player will ever benefit from wagering on a clear error in our lines, scheduled times or maximum wager limits.
  13. When wagering on half-time lines, the over-time period(s) are included as a part of the second half.
  14. All minimums, maximums, and betting payout prices are subject to change without prior written notice.
  15. The maximum betting payout for any parlay is $100,000 and maximum combined daily winnings for any account is also $100,000.
  16. It is prohibited to parlay the same team with both the point spread and the money line. Multiple bets including parlays, teasers, and if bets or reverses are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another; as these are considered correlated plays. It is also prohibited to parlay, tease, or play if bets with spread and total of any game where the full game spread is approximately 1/3 of the total for the full game.
  17. Free Plays can only be used on major sports and cannot be used on prop bets. Free Plays can ONLY be used in the following wager types: Straight wagers, parlays up to 3 teams and 2 team teasers and money line odds must be between +/-200, BetPhoenix Sportsbook reserves the right to adjust all wagering payouts or void any wager according to these parameters.
  18. In the event funds are credited to a customer's account in error, it is incumbent upon the customer to notify BetPhoenix of aforesaid error without delay. For accounts with negative balances, BetPhoenix reserves the right to cancel any pending plays, whether placed with funds resulting from the error or not.
  19. No credit will be offered to any customer by any employee of BetPhoenix, all wagers accepted must be supported by sufficient available funds in the customer’s account. We reserve the right to void any wager which may have inadvertently been accepted when funds were not available to cover the bet.
  20. All winnings will be credited to the customer’s account. Any winnings credited to an account in error are not available for use, and BetPhoenix reserves the right to void any transactions involving such funds, either at the time or retrospectively.
  21. BetPhoenix Sportsbook reserves the right to close any account or group of accounts if they are suspected of fraud and or abuse of our bonuses program. In the event an account or group of accounts are found within the BetPhoenix system, where the customers have conspired to fraudulently or maliciously manipulate our line offerings to guarantee themselves profits regardless of the outcome of the events, BetPhoenix reserves the right to cancel any or all wagers and profits derived from such fraudulent activity as well as terminate the accounts in question permanently.
  22. BetPhoenix is a recreational sportsbook. Steamers and/or originators are not accepted. If an account happens to fall under any of those 2 categories (steamers and/or originators), management has the right to revoke free plays, cash bonuses, and/or winnings and to limit and/or close the account.
  23. BetPhoenix defines “Playing Steam or Chasing Steam” as follows: Deliberately wagering on a line that is moving across several betting offices before it has been moved at our establishment with the purpose of gaining an advantage, this is also typically known as playing moves.
  24. BetPhoenix Sportsbook reserves the right to suspend any account based on abusive behavior from the customer towards any staff member of BetPhoenix. The account may be re-opened after a warning has been issued to the client, however, if such abusive behavior continues management reserves the right to terminate the account permanently.
  25. House Rules will supersede at all times any verbal or written offering of any staff member of BetPhoenix.

Wagering Over the Phone

  1. The Customer must give their Personal Account Number and password before they may wager or access their account information.
  2. All conversations are recorded, therefore any discrepancy that arises shall be resolved by the use of the recording, and wagers will be adjusted accordingly.
  3. It is the Customer's responsibility to listen carefully to the final read back. The final read back is what the customer is confirming to be the proper bet(s), and once confirmed all wagers will stand.
  4. No wagers can be canceled once the caller confirms them and the call is concluded. The only manner in which a client can cancel a wager is to wager on the opposite side of the contest in which he initially wagered.
  5. Once a dollar amount is given all play's will be entered, so in case of phone disconnection or a bad connection it is the responsibility of the client to call back before post time to confirm what was entered is correct or the play stands as originally entered.
  6. The minimum wager on sporting events is $25.00 dollars.
  7. Any actions carried out through your account will be accepted if your user name and password have been correctly provided.

Wagering Over the Internet

  1. Customers must log in using their Personal Account Number and password before they may wager or access their account information.
  2. It is the Customer's responsibility to keep their password secure. All wagers placed in the account will be binding. Any unauthorized use of an account is the sole responsibility of the account holder and BetPhoenix Sportsbook cannot be held liable.
  3. It is the Customer's responsibility to review the wagers before submitting them, and before logging out to make sure all bets were placed correctly. All wagers placed over the internet are final, and cannot be changed or deleted.
  4. The minimum wager on sporting events is ($5.00) dollars.
  5. BetPhoenix is not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the gameplay. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of BetPhoenix Management.

Horse Wagering

BetPhoenix Sportsbook offers daily horse racing from various tracks around the world, you may call our wagering line to place your bets, or if you prefer you may access our online racebook.

All horse wagers will follow the rules detailed here:

  1. A timestamp will be placed on all horse wagers and wagers must be placed 2 minutes prior to the start of the race.
  2. Bets will not be accepted after post time. In the event, the race starts before the advertised post time and for that reason, the customers are able to place wagers after the race has started all wagers are void.
  3. BetPhoenix will not be liable for wagers that were unsuccessfully entered before post time. We recommend that our clients check their pending wagers before login out of their accounts to ensure the wagers were placed correctly.
  4. All wagers are final once they have been confirmed and submitted.

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