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    All wagers in regards to out rights are action regardless of whether a person tees off.

    If a tournament is shortened or otherwise affected, the official result will be used when settling bets, regardless of the number of rounds played.

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    Football Betting Rules

    For wagering purposes, a football game (pro or college) becomes official after fifty-five (55) minutes of play.

    Games lasting under 55 minutes constitute "No Action" or "Push/Cancel" and all money is refunded.

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    • At least one ball must be bowled for bets to stand; otherwise all bets will be cancelled. However, if a match is officially abandoned (e.g. due to dangerous pitch conditions) then all undecided bets on the match are void.
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    Boxing Lines on All Major Title Fights

    Straight money line betting as well as total rounds and proposition bets. A betting match is official after the sound of the bell that starts the 1st round.

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    Baseball General Sportsbook Rules Official Game

    When wagering on run lines, game totals, or team totals, both listed (advertised) pitchers must start, otherwise there is "No Action" or "Push/Cancel" on straight wagers, and parlays drop to the next lower level.


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